Discussion: Changes to Event Schedule (March 2021 onwards)

I for one would like to keep it. It’s a source of frustration and failure for me ( :frowning_face:). But why not keep it for those who like it? 1/4 of the player base is still a huge number, and what does the presence of the tower do to those who do not like it? Just keep away from it, then…

I want once to go through it. My best so far is the 49th floor. Can’t be impossible for me!!! Grrr :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: .

In addition, it’s a fantastic source of emblems. Not true that the loot is worth nothing. Even during this event, after getting stuck on the 36th floor, I collected 100 emblems at the end, and at least another 100 on the way up. It does not even use my world energy.

All in all, even if I have some antipathy for it now, I want it to stay.


This! The thing I want MOST from events is emblems. That combined with the fun strategic thinking I have come to love the tower best of all the events.


I’ve found the Ninja Tower to be anything but strategic. And the emblems you gain from it do not even come close to equate to the items you have to burn to do it.

If you play it strategically you won’t be burning a ton of items. I used 4 scrolls of alteration, 3 hurricanes and 15 hurricanes on the whole tower. Is that a lot? I’m VERY happy to trade that for hundreds of emblems.

In the tower, strategy is very much in play - which blessings do you choose, which heros when? I use the heros with DOT and ailments early on before erratic time comes into play etc.

If you’re a player who just likes to brute force things with items then I guess it would seem like a slog though…


If the tower was implemented properly, then yes it would require strategic moves. But instead it makes bad moves into good moves by cursing 20 tiles in a row. That’s not strategic. Thats just bad habit forming. You’re forcing moves you’d never use in any other aspect of the game.

Is it 15 hurricanes or 18? :thinking: Either way, Yes that’s a lot! 1.5 million in iron for 100 emblems? Maybe YOU don’t need the iron. Perhaps YOU are tops on titans in your alliance all the time (I am) but burning those items for maybe 100 emblems does not equate anywhere close to worth it.

My point is this, Ninja Tower is a wretched event for the loot. Comparatively you get 250 emblems from the legendary level of regular events. If those 100 emblems are so important to the community (which for most they aren’t) then add to ToL those emblems and actually have more than 25% actually participate in the event. There’s no legit reason Ninja Tower exists in this game.

My proposal also hits directly at a continuous complaint I see in the forum and from my own alliance. Too many events. The current schedule is maxed out as it is. There are easy ways to fix this without bankrupting the game or the players.

And that’s precisely WHY it’s strategic. Bad habits? No, it’s that different events require different tactics! The unhappiest people in this forum are the ones who have the mindset of having “figured out” the game and want to play every part of the game the same way cause they’ve decided that’s the best way. These events reward when you’re open to different ways of playing and strategizing each different event.

It’s something in that range I don’t make exact notes, I don’t think it alters the general point. Here’s the thing I don’t use hurricanes on titans often, the ones I use for Tower are the only ones I use for the most part. I lead a teaching alliance with a lot of lower level players. We aren’t competitive and we hit 7-8* titans so my heros don’t generally need to use items to make reasonable titan hits. My iron has gone to finishing HA this last few months and now I’m starting Alchemy Lab, but as I finish up my base I’ll be using iron to make items or troops. To me emblems are much more valuable than iron since I don’t compete in challenge events and use iron to make lots of items. Most of the time my forge is idle.

Everyone has different priorities and what they value in the game. I do Atlantis for backpacks. Some do it for nuggets, but that’s an item I’ll never run out of due to how little I craft battle items. I would love to take all my heros to 20 emblems if I could, so more events great, and the NT is the best event for getting them. Plus it’s the most FUN event in the game for me.

If you just see it as a slog to throw items at fine. We’re all unique.


Well, I didn’t burn too many items apart from minor healing and mana potions and antidotes, which are not a problem. For me, that’s cheap for around 200 emblems!

Come to think of it, this might have been part of the reason why I could not climb higher :wink:… My ego is hurt, but apart from that, it was worthwhile. So I guess I will take some therapeutic sessions to cure my ego (e.g., some good murderous raging successful raids), and get over with it.


I like your style :laughing:

Here’s the rest of my 20 charecters. :roll_eyes:


That’s probably because English is not my native language, and I basically learnt it from Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams… Thanks!

You may think this but deep down you know you’re wrong. Not even close to being correct.

Difference in events is not the same as completely off the scale of good game play. I use mono in raids and war. 3-2 or 2-2-1 in events and maps. 4-1 or mono vs titans. Changing strategies for different aspects of the game is not an issue. There is zero strategy in forcing trash tiles over and over again. ZERO. It is basically a forced use of mats that are far better served in other aspects of the game. Plain and simple. But if you like to use those on Ninja tower more power to you. But 75-90% of the community know it’s not worth it. That’s why the either completely skip it or they do minimal levels. My point still stands true. If ninja tower went away, it would be the fastest thing forgotten in this game.

I hope you spend time teaching them why titans are a better place to use those items over Ninja tower. I mean that sincerely. I lead a similar alliance and explain these type of things. In a weeks time I’ll gain those same emblems from titans (killing 11-12*) and gain far better loot than the tower.

Are there players that have items to burn and no worries about what it might mean for their alliance mates? Yes. Is the tower overall good for the player base? Sorry but the answer is no.

No mythic titan this month? I thought all the changes were starting in March

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Good gameplay is whatever serves that event. Your issue is with the design of the event where you need to play the board to avoid curses first and foremost. Just as Mythic titan event design has a different optimal way to use your heros.

Deep down you know I’m right.

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Keep thinking that while you set a poor example for your alliance.

You don’t have to burn items to complete Ninja Tower! I have done it twice now without using, hurricanes, tornadoes, time freezes or scrolls of alteration.

I used a couple of timestops in last 5 levels for the first one, and a few titanium shields in the last 10 levels for the second one.

It has become a thing for me to see how few battle items I can use!


I am thankful for any source of emblems. I am also thankful for games that have a mix of easy and harder challenges in them.


It starts Feb 27th.
See here 🧞 [Feb 2021] Mythic Titan Event - FAQ & Discussion

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So Season 4 is being released, but only for a few days at a time each month?
Or is this like a beta type release of test it and see before a major release?
or is it reduced energy requirement during the 3 days like Valhalla Forever?
or what did I misunderstand?

I guess it will be like Season 3. The map will be released at a slow pace, a few provinces per month, but the released part will be open all month long. The portal will appear only for a few days per month, and I guess that’s what is in the calendar. Here is the thread @Guvnor opened:

He can confirm if this is so or not.

Edit: sorry, it was the wrong link.

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ahh, yes, portal! I had a feeling I was missing something, thanks, makes sense!

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Just realized one thing about the change in event order.

As a C2P, I usually buy all the first day (200 gems) offers on Challenge events. These gems + the daily ones from VIP and from assorted missions, etc will be enough for a 10-pull for either Costume or Valhalla which follow.

But now, both Costume and VF happen before the Challenge Event and I’m not sure about S4 yet, so guess those gems will be stored for the next month.

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