Discussion about exploiting the Troop/Hero XP Bug


Why would you be so frustrated, maybe that person had spent double your amount, you never know, and for SG to revert everything back to normal that person should be thankful for getting a second chance.


We don’t know what SG did, other than what they said, and what this person—who we don’t know—said.

It comes down to a matter of trust. :roll_eyes:


We know who @TheTruth is, and I can say with 100% certainty that he is trolling with malicious intent. It seems that lowering his troop levels as a punishment was not enough, even though his troops were not very high level to start with. The player in question has now been permanently banned both from the forums and from the game due to violations of our Terms of Service.


Instead of being appreciative of the second chance he was given, that I rarely heard of from any game developer, to such a thing taken advantage of, he chooses to come here act smart, have more people suspected and bring in unnecessary controversy… to ultimately getting ban hammered… now that’s 12 year old stuff he did there


I suspected that it was him.
Quite the comedy, guess he really care about this.

Oh, and thats ironic.
He make that second account for the purpose of not having problems… and the second account is exactly what give him more problems.


Rofl. That was an utterly amazing turn of events. Bravo.


Well, I’m glad the whole situation is solved in a way satisfactory to the honest players affected by it, but I can’t say I’m not curious who it was since people seem to have figured it out and I can’t lol.

I think I should watch Scandal or something and not scour game forums for the latest gos’ :thinking:


Exactly yet they are a lot of innocent ppl suffered bc from false accusations or following the blind


This thread is a year old and I don’t think those involved wish to rake over it again.