Discussion about exploiting the Troop/Hero XP Bug


@Petri @RubiKinga
I noticed that the experience of raising troops has been altered. Someone explained to me that it was done to prevent the use of a bug:
Raising a troop level, you had to stop when exactly 40 points were missing. So that it’s enough to insert a 1 star troop (40 points) and the next level instead of starting from zero experience, will start with almost full bar, exactly with 130 points less from the next level, so a 2 star troop (90 points) and a 1 star (40 points). By using this system, only 2 troops are needed to take a level!
Now this is no longer possible.
I just want to express my opinion about it: using an hack or using a bug I think has the same gravity, indeed, hacks are usually stopped right away, bugs are not stopped until they are discovered. So I wonder why who uses a hack is punished with the account block and who uses bugs no? In this way, someone who has used a bug has (incorrectly) achieved an advantage that you will never be able to fill.
Below one of the most obvious cases that could have been abused of this bug and ask the community and the SMALL GIANT, IF he use this bug, it’s fair dont take any action? As with all those who have abused it. I understand that it is not easy to analyze every account, but a fair solution must be found, otherwise instigate everyone to look for bugs.

Just to let you all think about: IF he use this bug for month, he was not able to reach the 30 lvl of any troop. Now, try to think without this bug (just two troops to lvl up) how many years and how many money you will need to reach that level!!!
Probably the game will be closed before some of us will approach even just to those levels. All this to make you understand, that you absolutely must do something.

This is not envy, it is the will to give everyone the same opportunities. There is already a shop that can make a difference. Bugs and cheats must be punished.

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I’ve changed the post by removing the names, because my interest is not the condemnation of anyone, but a fair solution for everyone, and not just for someone.

I have 1 question

This is not a bug. It’s simply spending money.
You’re over thinking it too much.


You need a lot more than 2 troops to insert at that lvl… the demand raises, the numbers change …


This is a bug and it was fixed only few days ago.


See all those hero of the month they have? You think they got them on a bug?
Its called spending money. Cost 1600 gems for a 10x pull on troops. The 3* troops give great exp.
The players you posted are spenders.
What you are looking at is the big spenders, not a glitch noticed by 4 players in different groups that never shared the information with anyone else.


The players i post are Just an example. You are defending the indefensible and I did not create this post to waste time talking about this. The Small Giant know and can verify Who use this bug. This post has another purpose: to make a balanced game where honest players should be rewarded, not the one who takes advantage from bug using.


I speak to few of these players often.
They dont sit there doing math. They go here small giant have $500 I want my troops to up a level.
Simple as that.


Oh, now i understand. I see another player with that kind of insane troops, and really don’t understand how.
If it’s true and they have take advantage of a bug, i really like that SG fix this.

Not an expulsion or whatever.
Just downgrade their troops the way it supposed to be without the bug, thats it.


Yet, you’re accusing the examples of something they might’ve not done at all, as it’s very rare to calculate your lvling with increasing demand of xp for each lvl. How is that fair ? The bug is minor compared to other ones, and obviously available for everyone… there is number of players with even higher troop lvl than the ones you posted btw. And the bug applies to lvling heroes as well … are you going to suggest that everyone in top ranks with maxed teams is cheating?


The barracks came into play months ago, some players have been in the game for year and longer… I’d imagine they’d have masses of accumulated troops to use , as prior to introducing barracks, you couldn’t do anything with them


I figure there’s a way for devs to know if there is a bug user or not.
I don’t know if the players that Val post had use that trick or not, and i sincerely don’t care. I say IF there is one, than they have to do something.

I recall very well a player Lv. 24, a team full of 5* but none at level 80, and all 4* troops level 20+ (i don’t wanna say his nick for privacy, but he was in Altum)
I guessed immediately “How is that even possible?”


I agree, if someone is abusing the play sg should have a system to red flag it. All I’m saying is other players have no way of proving that someone is cheating, and there could be a simple explanation to your example … heroes stuck on ascension materials, so can throw cash at troops meanwhile… they don’t need mats


Exactly, thats what im trying ti say. Mine was just an example, IF they and other players use that bug, SG have to do something. A downgrade will be also good. But fix the bug without do anything, its unfair.


Nope, i don’t think so even if they literally throw money at SG.
A level 24 don’t have enough meat to upgrade both 5* heroes and 4* troops at that pace.

It’'s really easy to see if there’s something strange.


You can speed up ( skip ) building times with money as well … you don’t need to play map and gain ex for profile lvling, you still can have sh 20 … suspicious… yes, impossible… no


Most here know exactly who you are talking about. They have quit it appears and its simple, they spent money, lots of it. For some people throwing $1000 at a game every couple of weeks is no big deal. They can quite easy buy the troops and the food.
You can see its no glitch judging by the hero’s they have, if I remember correctly he used 4 5* and one 4*. All fast single strikers and a healer. He spent a lot to get that


You still talking about they dont use a bug! The question is another!!! IF they use a bag, dont take action its fair for you? I dont think so. (But if you are One of them i bet your answer will be different)!


Thats my team. I spend and not as much as I know others have. I do know how much these players spend and are willing to spend, having been told personally by them.I’ve never used a bug that you mention.
I’ve never seen or heard of these players you mention using a bug. Yet you openly accuse them of doing so, with no proof to back it up.
You’re clearly envious or jealous or whatever other feeling you have towards those that can afford to throw more money then you can at a game.
Guess the old saying haters gonna hate rings true here


Yeah, he was using 5 fast mana hitters of each color, and apparently he quit (guessing ragequit for ascension items issue, lol).

As you and Liv say, yeah, it’s possible to buy even that.
But sincerely i wanna believe more in a bug that “trick” the system rather that some people gives 0 sh*t to throw away so much money.

So, long story short, the bug exist or not exist?
Someone know for sure?


If you actually have evidence of cheating going on other then hearsay or conjecture, then let’s see it…otherwise, sounds like a big case of hero envy to me…having suffered from hero envy myself, i get being jealous of people that can dump large sums into the game to get the best quicker, but it is pretty classless just to come in the forum and call people out without any evidence.