Discriminating? Global chat not available in India?

It helps to follow the rules. :grin:

Back to topic!


I just tested your claim in-game and was able to post what you claim would be censored. It was not. See pm re: rules.


Possibly in your clan chat, definitely not in global chat.

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Still off topic (chat being regionally restricted for India). :wink:

Could it be related to social media regulation in India?

Sorry, but I really see no problem with turning global chat off, for good, all over the world. Reading through the global chat posts usually feels like working at an asylum for the mentaly disabled… can’t decide if it’s funny (in the worst possible way, like falling down the stairs funny) or plain sad…


I haven’t had world chat on since about the second week I started playing. So early 2019 I think. That’s probably why I’m still playing…

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