Discouraging Titan Loot

It’s a shame that titan loot seems to be better at Rank “C” & the majority push to stay in the middle vs trying to be top 5 for great loot… Rank “A” is just not worth the battle items or the crap loot… Once Upon A Time titans were fun & worth the fight. Now it’s just “Meh” & yeah the titan chest is so much worse than titan loot…


our alliance spent alot of titian juice on 2 titian that had a chance of 5* ascension matter. They were both skunk chest. No ascend matter. no trainers. no gold tokens Just worthless junk.


Just consider yourself lucky if many people in your alliance let you get a better rank than them because they don’t understand basic statistics. That should result in better loot for you.

It’s just disappointing to see the alliance get crap loot especially after killing 11* rares & sometimes no one gets the bonus… I mean that’s understandable, but even the titans before that should make us look forward to killing 11’s & 12’s, but the loot is crap & it sucks… Killing high titans (basically 9*-12*) has become a shame in the game…

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Why is it every time Im #1 on ■■■ titan(rare included) i get absolute gargabe.
Best loot i ever got from a titan was when i did 2 hits on a 7* Kracken.
■■■ is going on with this? Im sick of being #1 for garbage loot dude. Fr.
#1 attacker. For a player under me at loot IX. Mystic rings AND a sturdy shield. Ill enjoy all 3 of my gems as the best rewareded thing from loot teir X. Thx.

I know that can be frustrating when you’ve done well on a titan and get nothing to show for it.

If you don’t already know how titan loot tiers work (and that higher tiers have better chances for better loot, not guarantees, as you’re experiencing — and that loot tier IX and X have the same number of rolls for rare mats), you may find this helpful:

If you’d like to join in commiserating with others, there’s a recent thread lamenting titan loot in relationship to ranking:

And if you’d like to join in an “idea” thread about titan loot being a letdown, here’s one for that:

Hope something in that mix helps…and if nothing else, just remember, loot luck won’t stay bad forever! :slight_smile:

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A+ curse. We have it too.

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I’ve never had any issue with my titan loot. Maybe I had low expectations from the start or something but I’m always optimistic like “oh hey, a raid flask” at the worst I was excited just to get like 100k food because tc19 is expensive. I’ve always gotten a fair share of loot. You beat your titans, you get your loot. Sometimes it’s better than other times but if you’re killing decent titans you get decent loot. I have people in my alliance who complain about titan loot because all they got is a compass or some other equivalent like hidden blade. I don’t understand lmao. Hey that’s great, an unfarmable! You need those things.

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Whenever I have a particularly good run on a titan and am going to get A+ ranking by a long margin, I always joke that someone should catch up with me and steal away the 3 gems I’m going to get for loot. Then whenever I actually get good loot, it’s a pleasant surprise.

But I’ve also had plenty of times where 3 (or 5) gems is the best of my A+ loot. RNG gonna RNG.

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It’s funny how people have different perception. Like I mentioned people will complain about getting a compass. You say a couple gems is decent loot. I don’t even count gems as loot, a couple of gems is nothing. But like 2 midnight roots? Oh ok, that’s pretty good! I’ll take some midnight roots lmao

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I think of them as loot, but yeah, that’s what I meant — getting a few gems (and nothing else of interest) isn’t really notable loot. That’s why I try to expect that’ll be as good as it gets, and then be pleasantly surprised when it’s more. And I like the crafting ingredients sometimes too.

And with my current mat reserves, I’m way more excited for Gloves than a 4* mat. :man_shrugging:

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As said before the curse of 1st or A+ happens to us all and it is truly a random thing

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The Random’ness has a pattern… - i guess there are more players who get nothing/crap then some who believe in its random. My Team mate just complaint he got crap… A+ 9 Star titan and he said best is to stay B or C to get the most valuable Items… Great Randomness if everybody try to not the best hitter to finish a Titan

Just got a B grade on I think was 11*, got two orbs. The titan chest gave me a tome of tactics, troop token, titan flask, some Druid emblems, 2* trainer hero. Lucky day!

Congrats on your loot for those who got worthy items, but yes A+ should just be a guaranteed great loot… I mean, at first it was cuz in my old alliance I always got great stuff for being top dog on titans… Then idk wth happened & titan loot & titan chest & elemental chest just began to give crap…

Turn up the loot drop chance in general for every and any chest.

While I acknowledge that I put myself in this position, but having more hereos than mats will allow for progression is really frustrating in of itself. I look at 52 5 stars, 3 of which are fully ascended and fear that this game will be long gone before I’ll get 1/5 of them leveled and used.

Hate to complain, I love the game. But the loot drops suck. It just does.

It’s really easy to put yourself in a fix by buying pulls. 5* are super slow to level, and worse than 4* until they get pretty high up. The AM come at the pace of a grind game, but you can break the curve on the rate of getting 5* with money.

The best way I’ve heard to think about it comes from Kerridoc: buying pulls doesn’t let you advance any faster, but it ensures that the heroes you’re advancing are of higher quality.

It IS weird. I too get nothing when I’m the A+…not even trainer heroes! I do much better at A or B grades. In theory that’s just bad luck, but I’ve NEVER gotten anything good as the top dog and I’ve been there a pretty good amount of times.

I ended up at the first 3 positions for the past 2 weeks …and most of the time I am lucky to get a 1* trainer. Only once I got really good loot… while I was intentionally on lower level yesterday and received 4* and 3* mats.

I noticed the same. Have been always in A in our alliance but recently some stronger/higher level members have joined the alliance.
Now I am most of the time in B grade and sometimes even C when there is a color titan that does not suit my hero’s.
I noticed I am receiving more gloves, hidden daggers and such maths than before.
Can also be RNG I cannot tell what causes this but still it is noticable.
Like the game want to help you improve score by dropping asc maths so you can improve your hero’s score.

But as said, there is no way I can exclude if this RNG or real otherwise than to improve to structurally going into A category again (and that is not something I see happening soon unless I am lucky).

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