Discouragement runs deep

Feeling of discouragement is greatly growing with this game… although I really like it I am at a tug of war with it now …
To have a stronger team you need ascension materials … you can not seem to get ascension materials if you are NOT a top titan hitter …
This is causing me and a lot of others to get discouraged and some have left the game and others like myself are considering leaving the game …
It seems to be only certain players get ALL the materials for every ascension that is needed …
Anyone else feel this way as well ??


I try to emphasize in alliance chat, this game is a test of patience. Even spending money for gems doesn’t speed up getting 5* heroes or ascension items for me. I try to make the alliance aware patience is the key. I got so frustrated spending gems on hero pulls to just get 3* trash, so I built up my stronghold and a training camp to level 20 so I can train with a chance of. Even if I do get a 5* hero I need, it’s going to likely be a long time for the ascension materials to ascend them.

I’m hoping the “Rare Titans” will help with this.


It is far more important to get to higher level titans than it is to be a top hitter on said titans. In a 2.5 month stretch since I started tracking, my alt, who is usually an A hitter, averages 8 items per month just from titans, usually getting A on 8s and 9s. My other account is getting 11 items per month as a B/C hitter on 10s.


Isn‘t A on 8 & 9 the same as C & B on 10?

Or is a Loot X from a 10* C better than from 8* A?

It’s been our feeling that loot rolls of the same tier have higher chances on higher titans, though we didn’t track it enough to really be sure of that.

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I can’t get higher than a D on a 10star titan because of the weak heros

If it makes you feel any better, top hitters are likewise not showered in ascension items. They’re just rare. I’m one of the top hitters in my alliance and I get ascension mats very very occasionally. Funny thing, I believe I never got one when I was the highest hitter with a very high score. Not once.

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Too random. I am A or A+ for past 3 months against 8* and 9* titans and have gotten only 4 ascension mats during that time, 1 orb, 1 glove, 2 compasses

If you are consistently ranked in the top three and still get a crap load of loot, maybe it’s time to find a new alliance. At least thats what I had done and it really made a difference lol. It will be interesting to know whether an account or an alliance has been preordained to have good rolls/loot upon creation. :joy:

I am normally the top hitter in my alliance. The ones getting B and C rank get better loot most of the time.


You may try to be a merc

A higher loot level give a higher percentage chance at better loot. The problem is that there are only a few people at the top, and a whole bunch of people lower down. Individually when averaged over time, each person in B and C will get worse loot than someone in A or A+. However because there are a whole bunch of players rolling on the lower tier random tables at the same time, it’s not uncommon for one or two out of the whole alliance to get lucky when the higher scorers are unlucky.
On average, over an extended period, the higher scorers will do better than the lower ones. But even at high loot tiers, the odds of good stuff are low, and understanding the maths doesn’t stop people feeling cheated when they had a higher score and less loot right now.


We frequently hit 10* Titans. That means A+ will get Loot Tier 13, A will get 12, B will get 11, and C will get 10. None of us will get less than Loot Tier 10 if we kill the Titan.

Every Titan, MANY of us get ascension items, not just A+ and A. Your chances are based on your Loot Tier, how much and what kind you might get.

Somedays nada, somedays Ascension Items. Best to hit the highest Titan you can. :slight_smile:

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