Discord server for all levels

Hi everyone. I hope everyone is doing ok and being safe with everything going on. I’m thinking of making a discord server for the community for any level of play, skillset the whole works. While it would be amazing to meet and interact with players all over the world and chat via text and voice I was also hoping to have channels for live streaming and video content showcases and maybe start something of this sort. While I know this game has a downtime between flag cool down I think it would still be an ok idea. What do you think?

A bit about me. I play variety of games on PC and console but I’ve been playing this game for a little over a year with no ending in sight and I am immensely enjoying season 3 and this community is very cool. I know plenty of channels and line groups exist but I am not sure if there is an actual community chat server when I googled it I didn’t find much, if there is a community discord available then let me know as well perhaps I can join that server.

If anybody wants to try it I made a server for the moment and perhaps we can populate it and see how it goes. Thanks all and please stay safe!

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I applaud your efforts - virtual :hugs:.

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@Sarthin has made an excellent community discord server, not affiliated with any alliance.


Oh cool. Let me check that one out. I also made some headway and already made a new friend on the server I made. More friends couldn’t hurt :slight_smile: