Discontinuing support

what do you mean by discontinuing support? will i not be able to play the game ? if so this is a pain , how do i update my tablet? if im just to be kicked out can i have a refund on the 1 year vip pass just perched ?, when will all this take place? im 66 years old so please try to keep replies simple

Each time the game is updated with major new features, there is a moment when support is dropped for the old version. (For instance, when raid formations were activated recently.)

To update your tablet, go to Google Play or Apple Apps Store (this depends on your tablet brand), look for “Empires and Puzzles”, and see if there is an update available. In all probability, your tablet has actually automatically updated, so you won’t see an update available, but if it’s there, just install the update.

this was sent to my inbox this morning 07/05/2021
we are to discontinue the support for android os4 in the near future, we can see that an os4 device has been used with your a/c within the last 60 days. if your device is able to support a newer version of OS we would encourage you to update to a newer version as soon as you can , im running a samsung galaxy tab , mod no sm-t560 . bought new for me 2 1/2 years ago

Below is the message from EnP.
I understand that the OP is running the older KitKat (Android 4, like in the message), but I am running Nougat 32-bit (Android 7) on Bluestacks 4 and I received the message too.
Should I be worried?

I just remembered that I tested the game on a older Galaxy Tab… that must be why I received the message.

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I know it’s not perfect but WalMart sells a decent tablet for about $60. It’s their ONN brand but it runs android Oreo and is plenty for most users. I’m sure there are cheaper ones too I just saw that and figured it’s not a ton of cash so maybe it would help.

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thanks folks but i will probably just kick the thing in the bin the game that is, i live in france so no walmart, its the principal of the thing, i think that somewhere down the line ist down to cash, allways is

LD player is great… less stress on your PC and easier to use then bluestack… just download LD player and log in…

no need to quit

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I also received such a letter from the support service. Unfortunately, I will also have to change my favorite device because of this … or forget about the game))

Thank you. Very useful information, I will try)

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message here if you need help… no problem… sorry I don’t fool with chat apps :heart: :panda_face:

Of course it is, but you’re expecting them to continue supporting a version that was released a decade ago (October 2011) and fully replaced over 5 years ago (October 2015)?

Agreed, can’t expect everyone to support old technology just because you can’t keep up.

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yes i see your point , but then a way of reimbursing ppl for the money that is spent , in good faith mind you, you see i bought the vip package less then 10 days ago, and some would say that was a legal contract , but then some would say , tough shi* old boy , 1st ferengi rule of aquisition, once you have the money never give it back

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Lol, I like your spirit old dude and your message implies alot of wisdom in those many years spent living. I think that you should just go through a different app to keep your v.i.p active so you get your money’s worth. Your right relying on them to refund your money will be a fruitless endeavor. If they have shown us anything recently it’s that doing the right thing doesn’t matter to them in the slightest. Hope things work out for you!!!

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Oh, I think you have a valid point there, and if I were you I’d contact support about it.

And I don’t know about France, but in the US you could dispute the charge, which would reverse it. This would result in SGG becoming VERY unhappy with you and eventually locking your account permanently.

I’d go the support route first.

But also expect most other games to drop support as well. SGG uses a very common game engine, and it’s probably that engine that’s dropping support.

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