Disconnection Issues - January 2020

Beware! This glitch has been happening to me for a few weeks. This is a caution to everyone when you’re fighting raids or you’re in war. I also want to point it out to SG Games to fix, if it’s happening on your end.

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Someone else pointed this out yesterday, and it seemed after some testing that how recently they had restarted their phone was the determining factor.

If they had restarted recently, switching apps was fine.

If they hadn’t restarted recently, switching back into E&P would make the game reconnect every time or close to it.

Based on that, it seems like it’s likely an issue of how much memory your phone has free.

Has nothing to do with the memory, my phone has over 200gb free and it still happens.

I run note 9

It may be some other factor then, but restarting reliably resolved it for the person yesterday. So it seemed to have something to do with their phone’s state, and not just the app itself.

There may be other issues too, though.

At the least, it’s good to know you’re seeing this on Android as well, since this particular report above was for iPhone.

There are glitches happening all the time, which is normal. I never raised it as it never effected my game.

Biggest issue I have is being online for an hour, raiding, then just for a split second I open whatsapp, and I get revenged.

I’m sure this is also has something to do with the app disconnecting, as it registers the user offline.

Happened again while I was replying to you.

Specifically that you were in the middle of a Raid or other battle, and it disconnected when you switched out of the app and back in?

No, just the game disconnected from the server.

I had a problem muliple times getting disconnected while in a raid, while switching from Wi/fi to data and vice versa …

Im simply at work, I walk out of router range, and data needs to kick in, disconnected… Bummer

I’ve had that happen too. That’s probably a little different issue than @NittanyLionRoar is pointing out, but related.

Basically there are several ways you can potentially end up disconnected from the server, and it won’t recover from any of them.

But it’s usually been the case that switching out of the app and back in quickly wouldn’t end a Raid in progress, so if that’s consistently failing for people recently, it’s very possible something has changed.

But I think the issue you’re describing has always been a problem.

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I’m glad you are calling it a problem, cause it’s annoying as hell

Btw, how many more posts i need to read for regular?

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Only time I’ve had connection issues with my note 9 was unreliable wifi. Time to reboot everything!

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Game of this magnitude should make a workaround with this problem especially during raiding as you are fighting offline opponent.

A little under 13k at the moment. You’re also short 120 topic views, but that’s pretty easy to cover.

200 gigs of RAM? :thinking:


I’ve heard that Puzzle Combat handles disconnects and battle resumption a lot better, so hopefully they’ll bring that to E&P at some point soon.

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Hahah I wish

Only 3.2 of ram


How long is the time normally until it disconnects after inactivity? There definitely is sth like this due to the raiding rules. Maybe 5 or 10 minutes. When I read here, it often restarts and/or reconnects after a time.

Otherwise nobody would ever be offline for revenges just with a no sleep app and plugged.

Whatever the time is, it ain’t working.

I agree with you.
There should be a cap on let’s say 5 mins of not using the app, the disconnect happens, and you can be raided again.

With the app switching issue, it can be quite fast — like 15-30 seconds. It also doesn’t happen just during Raids.

It was 17 seconds in the video at the top of this thread.

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