Disconnection and no war points

I am guessing that the issue that some of us is experiencing is a bug associated with the war. If this is the case then it might clear itself after the war ends in about 7 hours. I will post a message tomorrow with whether the issue cleared up on its own.

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Desde hace aproximadamente 8 horas, no nos podemos conectar al servidor yo y la mayoría de mis compañeros de Alianza LOS QUECHUAS 2018, mientras que los amigos de otras alianzas si pueden hacerlo. Somos un país diferente como España, Finlandia, Estados Unidos, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, etc.
Necesitamos saber si hay un error de servidor y cuanto durará está anomalía.
Es un excelente juego, pero este tipo de fallas en la dinámica del juego.

One of our teammates was fighting and his device kept locking up during his battle. He gave up and went offline. His tag is still sitting on the opponent and now we can’t fight it.

And it’s been sitting there a long time!

I’m not sure the bug is related to the war because our war was supposed to have ended a few hour ago an I still cannot connect to the game

@Lmpessoa – there is another connection issue thread – a lot of people with same problem. Just posted there.

This post then can be closed.

The war is over.

@Petri please.

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