Disconnection and no war points

After defeating my rival the game disconeccted and when I come back I have 0 points and one Flag less.

[I deleted the screenshot]

Im Tatobot. I defeated Melendor, then right Colen and tha last one was Magni.

I won the fight in the war and the game freezes after resetting I got points for help

Support answered me “The disconnection issue was registred at time I said in the message I send them, but in the register there is no saved data about my victory”.

So from now we have to record our matches in war. Bad, really bad.
That’s so frustating.

I also happened the same, I stayed like loading 15 - 20 minutes until I had to close the game, when I enter surprise, zero points 1 flag less and without being able to use the heroes again, and the enemy was intact!

I’m having the same problem, I can’t reconnect. I’ve been trying for nearly half of day

I am having the same problem for almost the last two hours. I am an active user but keep getting “connection failed” … “Unable to connect to server. Please check your internet connection and try again.” Clicking OK attempts to reconnect with “Reconnecting…” at bottom of the screen. I definitely have a connection and using others apps.

This must not be everyone, so what’s going on?

I’ve been trying for 2 hours as well now! If only someone gives us an update on the problem

I’m having the same problem.

Have tried to reconnect on multiple rock-solid networks. Seems to be a problem with the game since every other app works fine.

I believe the game servers are down. @Petri please any info could be great!

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Same here (Brazil), for the past 4 hours

Lmpessoa – it’s me jpsedona! Your on my team, right?

Hi jp! Yes, it’s me! Is the game working for you? And the others?

It is not working at all. It stopped right before the second round of war battles. Not sure that there would have been anything that I would have done to cause the problem. I do have the latest version of the game but do not think it caused the problem. Wonder if others on our team had the same problem but aren’t on the forums?

It wasn’t anything you did, for sure. I even deleted and reinstalled the game here but still nothing. Let’s hope they fix it soon

Toda nuestra alianza no puede ingresar al juego, LOS QUECHUAS 2018, desde hace 8 horas. Tenemos integrantes de España, Argentina, EEUU, Bolivia, Finlandia, Ecuador, Guatemala y otros países. Necesitamos una pronta solución.

It seems like the bug is affecting entire allianes based on what Diablo666 says.

Jpsedona, correct. We cannot conect to game.

It’s nice to know that it wasnt only me that this happened to. I too won the war, but didnt get any points due to connectivity issues. while i know that its “just a game”, I was annoyed as those points i lost could have very well helped my alliance win the war. Moreover, i didnt send any emails to SG cause i’m pretty sure we would have just done the song and dance, and nothing was going to be done about it.

Kdorset – some of us have an active connection issue. In fact my case (and teammate), our war is still going for the next 8+ hours. Unfortunately, we’ll probably not going to get this solved in time, so I suspect we will not be able to help our team at all. That multiple teams are experiencing a connection issue during the war tends to point to a significant bug in the app.