📵 Disconnected During War Attack /Titan /Network Connection Problem Caused Lost Attack, Flag, and Heroes in AW / Scored 0 Points on War Hit Due to Dropped Server Connection / Game Crashed and I lost my War Hit [MASTER]

Welcome to the forum Kirsty :slight_smile:
Try to clear the cache of the game and restart your phone, this migh help

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Hi thanks, cleared cache but still no joy.

Another idea would be to uninstall the game and install new
the you need to play the tutorial again but if you’re well connected to your Google / Apple account it should get back right after…
Btw - have you checked if you need to do an update maybe?

Checked updates and might have to bite the bullet and reinstall and hope I don’t lose any progress. :crossed_fingers:

Okay, reinstalled and looks like it might be alright, just need to check hero stats etc.

Thanks for your help.

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