📵 Disconnected During War Attack /Titan /Network Connection Problem Caused Lost Attack, Flag, and Heroes in AW / Scored 0 Points on War Hit Due to Dropped Server Connection / Game Crashed and I lost my War Hit [MASTER]

At the same time …

another team mate was booted out while hitting the titan… Both in different parts of the world :thinking:.

FWIW close wars are really fun when everyone has done all that they can do, but when the outcome is determined by an issue you had no control over… :exploding_head::sweat:.

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When I came back that target was under my attack, I don’t know who else is attacking and If I pick any other enemy it says unknown target. We are losing this war because of this strange issue.

Have you tried closing all apps and notifications and rebooted your phone?

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I closed the app, change my network and for stop game but not reboot phone and it was still same till the time of attack end (I think so) and I lost that flag with 0 points. If It happened on war duration no matter but why when I was just choosing hero and disconnected then when come back it showed I am fighting

Hatte genau das selbe Problem

Sadly this also happened to an alliance mate…

We had the same issue in our alliance. And so did the opponent at the exact same time. Both of us got zeroes. I’m guessing there was a small glitch server side for a small period today. :man_shrugging: I’m not a programmer.

During wars its pretty crucial to use flags and aquire points, but if the game lags you out at any point you lose the flag as well as all damage that was given against the other team. Will there be a way to get back in right away so you’ll be able to get back the points and maybe finish off the team you have put work into if there’s still time left I don’t expect to get a flag back since people will abuse it if they are losing. It’s just upsetting seeing a score at zero cause there was no way you could log back in and continue what you have already committed to.

Hi to all,
My post is about the last war. I found that the problem was solved.
My Alliance lose thanks this issue the war. Everything happened before the end of the war and it was really strange… We reset our opponents. Yes no one was on the Battlefield but nothing happened. Even if you jump out to the city and go back still the same view on the empty Battlefield.

In my case I have to turn the game off and entry again… But after that its not possible to attack opponents player… I have problems with connection, other with server etc… Some of my Ali saw me that I attack, someone not.

The result is that we lost 4 flags and finally lose the war complete…

Is there any solution for it?
Thanks in advance…

Like a few times before the game decided to stop in the Middle of a battle…meaning my team it zero Points and i lost one life. It is annoying that nothing is done to prevent this because it is not my first post. Last time they said i would get a compensation (Hero coin, diamonds, whatever…but still waiting since then …

And again and again and again…

When will this be fixed? Instead of creating new Towers, new eveything… This is getting annoying!

So pretty upset when I had 1 guy left to kill in my war fight and the game closed. The enemy has all life gave me a zero. And took my attack. Either give me my flag with the zero or give my points for who I killed. Just ridiculous.

Game keeps crashing. I’ve followed the standard steps under support first. Plenty of memory and stable internet connection. I was in the middle of a Titan hit and the game crashed resulting in 0 points for the hit and a wasted flag. The I was doing a quest and the game crashed resulting in 0 emblems and wasted world energy.

This fight never starts and so I got a fat 0…. I’m so vex and mad about this… what can be done :cry:

Hi there, I got disconnected right in the middle of a war attack and can not get back in the game. Connection error over and over while everything else works fine.
Other players have the same problem right now, this has been an issue for an hour. Some players seem unaffected though.


I can’t connect the game too

I can’t connect too.

It’s usually region-oriented. People from a certain area of the world have a connection issue. Several days ago it affected us here in Bulgaria and also neighboring Romania. I don’t know if it’s an issue with the SG servers, most likely yes since all other connections at the time worked fine - only problem was with this particular game.

This just happened to me as well.

My 4th war flag - en route to a one-shot but then game freezed and restarted. Of course I got a fat zero and enemy has full health back.

This is very disappointing - at the very minimum, system should give me points for enemy heroes that I have already killed or if they want to reset everything to zero, then give me the flag back!

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