📵 Disconnected During War Attack /Titan /Network Connection Problem Caused Lost Attack, Flag, and Heroes in AW / Scored 0 Points on War Hit Due to Dropped Server Connection / Game Crashed and I lost my War Hit [MASTER]

I had a problem with the game a while ago. I attacked the titan and in the middle of the attack I got out of the game. It took me a little longer to get into the game and when I got in, I saw that my flag was taken off and the score on the titanium was 0. My internet connection was good, so there was a problem with the game. I would like my flag back because I was damaged for the attack, as was my alliance. This happened in Southeast Europe on March 17, 2021. in the morning around 7:05

I just defeated an entire team and the game locked up. Now the opponent displays Target under attack, but neither I nor anyone else in our alliance is able to attack that opponent. Since this is now the last team remaining, we will almost certainly lose this war since the rest of my alliance can’t attack anyone.

■■■■■■■ ridiculous the game crashed while i was attacking and now i wasted a ■■■■■■■ team and have 0 points

In my war today 3/31/2021 I was jn the middle of the battle and had the tank dead and the right flank about to die and the app crashed and when I came back the whole team was alive and back to full health but I still lost a war flag and got 0 points . That’s some B.s. right there

I was attacking in war last night, I chose my team, selected my opponent then pressed the attack button, well it kicked me straight off the war but I could still see my self attacking (or not attacking) the opponent. I tried to attack it again but it said that this battle was doing something…can’t remember what it said so I tried to attack another opponent but it said I couldn’t…then I realised that one of my flags had been used and that I must still be in the battle but I couldn’t do anything about except watch me get no points … I AM NOT HAPPY…if it had have been my connection I wouldn’t feel so angry about it but I could actually see myself crossing the bridge and going to attack

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We lost 3 attacks so far in todays war…AGAIN…
Fix it…there are people spending money

I have just tried twice to attack in the war and then the game freezes and I have to log out as screen just goes black. When I have gone back in both attacks have scored.me 0 points and used up a war life meaning we are now going.to lose in the war

Game crashed during alliance war for no apparent reason while I was beating a better opponent and had them down to their final hero! It reset without issue, but I lose my flag, my heroes are disqualified as though they’ve been used, and the opponent shows ZERO evidence of the damage I did? Infuriating. HOW IS THAT FAIR OR REASONABLE?? This is terrible form for a game where money is being paid. FIX. THIS.

Game stopped in the middle of my attack. Waited for it to come back. Black screened then came back still frozen. Attached are the ss I took during this. Well one. Then followed by more cause it only let’s me put one each response. :roll_eyes:

Hi, just won first round in a war but then game froze. Flag deducted but no score recorded.

Android device with game version 36.0.2. In war I was using my 5th flag. I had already killed the tank (Aegir) and left flank (Cyprian). 2 of my heros were also dead (Glenda and Caedmon).
I sent yellow tiles up the right side. The screen froze while the tiles were in mid-stream as if I had taken a screenshot. I minimized and re-maximized the app to try to unfreeze it. It relaunched the game. It recorded zero damage on the enemy, my flag is gone and the heros are unavailable to me.
A similar freeze while sending tiles happened to me yesterday but not in war.

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Just happened to me, iPhone 6S, game became unstable with last updates. I think with 4th season, maybe it keeps in cache too much stuff.

Solve it please, I am not the only one and it became annoying, it is playable for a bit and then it starts to freeze and eventually it crashes.

When it happens and I am farming I just quit to come back. But today it wasted 2 flags in war. And I am angry. I don’t care about nerfing, odds, buffing… but at least keep it stable.

Thank you!

Entered into my war battle this morning my first one of the day and after a minute or 2 into the battle my screen went black as the app had shut down and disconnected me, when it finally reloaded I had lost the battle and been given 0 points despite killing 2 opponents this is totally unacceptable and after reading 192 similar posts want to know why the creators aren’t doing anything about it !!!

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