📵 Disconnected During War Attack / Network Connection Problem Caused Lost Attack, Flag, and Heroes in AW / Scored 0 Points on War Hit Due to Dropped Server Connection / Game Crashed and I lost my War Hit [MASTER]

Yes indeed … I had to remove/Force stop all optional featurs on my phone to have enough space to run E&P even deleted the calander the radio all google maps or other apps only left E&P, Wattsup and samsun browser!


I think we’re all tired of the crashes. What do y’all think about some adjustments to reduce server load?https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/seperate-war-and-tournament-days/104680

Happened a while ago and am over it now. Just gonna link for completeness.

Since then I always check my connection before I even do war or the raid tournament at all. I do like the idea of a soft disconnect and to resume the match when connection is established again.

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Just tried some attacking during an alliance war. In two of my attacks I lost connection, one of them being near the middle of the city so I’ll assume that wasn’t a fault with the game.
The first disconnect was when I pressed attack but I had not entered the battle. The second was when the battle timed out causing my defeat when there were only two enemies left, both on low health. The Defeat showed before it disconnected.
In both cases I received a 0 as my score!
This should not be the case! For the first one it should not have taken my attack, not registered those heroes as being used. For the second one I should have definitely received a score for the enemy heroes I killed, not 0.

I’ve had this problem, & so have several in my alliance. I opened a support ticket. The response was, essentially, “It must be your equipment failure - figure it out yourself.”

This left me with the distinct impression that E&P couldn’ care less about thier server issues or the quality of play. I play on a new Note 9, with 1TB of memory (tons free!) & the latest game update. Neither my equipment nor the game version is an issue!

SG Customer Service is abysmal. They seem much more interested in developping new buildings & things for players to buy, so they make more $$$.

IMO, players are fungible cash cows to SG. I think of this now before I make a purchase. Its just a cell phone game, therefore its not worth much of an investment of my time, or my money.

Instead of being frustrated, I’ll go do something else that I enjoy. I’m sure I’ll be replaced by some zealous newbie who will line SG’s pockets, chasing that new HoTM! :slight_smile:

Good day! Problems with the war (the first time is). Almost finished off the enemy, then the game extinguished and flew out … As a result: 0 and a live opponent. Heroes can not be used. This is very disappointing ((

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The same thing happened to me.
What happens to me with raids does not matter to me.
But what about the war? Not only do you bother me, but my entire alliance.

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Servers overloaded again.
Got kicked & can’t reconnect.

I hear ppl are getting WE flasks as compensation, but I haven’t, even though its happened several times.

Considering how often this happens, & how much $$$ the company is making off players, you’d think they’d do something more that hand out a few random flasks.

I guess it reflects how much they respect & care about the players. :roll_eyes:

The game threw me out and shut down during my 1st attack in the war.

Happened to me to, got kicked in the middle of the war, lost my 1 war flag

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Froze and crashed in the middle of a battle. Lost my world energy used, monsters killed for the chest and any rewards I would have gotten from winning.

Happened to me in my opening attack during a war. #bugs-issues

Just started my second set in our war. Game crashed to a black screen both during a battle and when I reconnected sitting at the battlefield screen. My battle shows 0 and I am down a flag. :frowning:

Game crash on 3 rd flag. Easy win. Cost my alliance 56 points. And I pay for this crap. image

Same happened to me i hit a special and full crash … got a zero for a team that was all but dead when crashed

I tried to attack a team trice in war today and each time there was a “connection failure.” I lost both flags and my alliance is stuck with an opponent that has only one hero left. There is a very unfair bug disrupting the game.

Some members of my alliance have had issues during war where the game freezes mid war and they come back with a lose. Anyone else having this issue?

I lost connection 5 times while getting ready to attack. I finally attacked but lost one of my flags in the process. My last team was ready to go but no flag. That team never made it off the bench.

Alliance member have war attack disconnect with perfect internet. Then game showing that member still attacking for minutes and minutes after. And that member can’t attack no one else until after maybe 10 minutes get 0 score. received_354218875478305 received_393896431484466
(On first image “target already under attack”; on second image “unknown target, please try again later”).

10 min ago game crashed without any warning while attacking in AW. 0 points and and of course, lost a flag.
Stop invoking problems with the connection and other cheap excuses and do something good about it.
I’m already pissed off with incoming changes of costumes, drops of 4* AM and poor loot in tournament raids. Make at least a smooth gameplay if u don’t care about our money.

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