Disconnected During War Attack, Caused Lost Attack, Flag, and Heroes

Just a follow up:
We lost the war, and the final margin was 85 points. If not for the glitch, we would likely have won. The two teams we killed - but got zeros for - resulted in 84 lost points and 3 additional attacks used to recover those points.
Very, very frustrating for our alliance!

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Dear emp and puzzles. I start war and the game stop!!!i list one flag. Please give my flag back. Thy.

I have no net problem under war.

Here’s what Small Giant recommends for avoiding game crashes @emiricol:

Unfortunately, I don’t believe Small Giant has a mechanism to increase the number of war flags anyone has.

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If you have no network connection, then you will need to find some way of re-connecting reliably to the internet. WiFi is generally safer. Of course, if your Internet Service Provider is having an outage, that may not be working.

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I star war but game stoped. I lost 1 flag. Repair thus pkesa and give my flag back thx.

Hi @emiricol, please do not create duplicate posts for the same issue.


Ok. Thx. But war not good now. I lost flag, game stoped. What can i do now? Waiting? I like this game please helo me to fight ib war with 6 flag. Thx.

Same problem now. How can it be? This game has lot of problem.


During the loading of my war battle, I received an error message that my connection was lost, which is odd since this never happened before. My war flag was used and it shows that my account is battling the opponent so the opponent cannot be fought by other people in my alliance.

Please cancel the battle and return my flag

Why haven’t dev simply designed a fix if this is a reoccurring issue. The os should no if there is a connection issue and and save file data or at least maje zero. Like if you yad 3 flags and X anount of heroes available hefore the crash then they should be available after Why does it take a flag when connection is lost I ran into this issue mid war today but it can mid raid or any element of game play

Hello, I was in the middle of a match during the current war and my game crashed. I received no points even though 3 enemies were already dead. Is there anything I can do?

Why can’t we get a reset and flag back when we are in the middle of an attack and the game disconnects from the server. This has happened before and just happened to me again.

I pressed “attack” and got disconnected. I never got to attack, I lost a flag and got a 0 score, and an attack team wasted. So frustrating, should not happen.

I have just lost a war flag because of the connection to the WiFi. I selected my team and clicked attack. I was in the loading screen because the game crashed and asked me to check my internet connection. When I reloaded it, 2 sec later, the flag was lost, I had taken 0 points and had to apologize to my alliance. This is unacceptable. Please vote, report these issues and fix asap. Thanks

the game split me out in the middle of attack, 0 points

Game frozen going into a war attack. Restarted, still had the team, but lost the ticket

Our alliance started the attacks and all players that tried to attack were disconnected and lost the energy.

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Just happened to a teammate

Me and another player of my alliance did 0 points in this war because our coneection go down. Is not the first time that this happened , we didnt play in the same network. It happened at 0:40 lisbon time , my alliance name is Os Resistentes , in game i am Ze kalanga. Please fix this and give me my lost shot.
Thank you

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