Disclose your summon chance Pt. 100

So this is a similar game where you collect cards that you use to battle and you level them up by playing different levels (which is better then putting in thousands of 1-2 stars)

Anyways my main point is that games DISCLOSES their pack chances (which are basicallly summons in this game)

For example:

Shows the chances of getting that character so people can decide if it’s worth spending their hard earned credits and so people are not disappointed if they don’t get it.

This is also why this game is 8 years old and is still getting frequent updates.

TLDR; disclose your summon chances, it’s better for everyone

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3.1 Payments

Apps offering “loot boxes” or other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items for purchase must disclose the odds of receiving each type of item to customers prior to purchase.

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Loop hole seems to be engaged where you buy gems, then use the gems to trade for loot boxes or other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items. You’re not purchasing them directly.

I know, thats why i underlined “other mechanism”.

It says loot boxes (and thats not) or similar (and that seems to be the case)