Disatisfaction with Event


No longer participate in Global Quest event…
After the time spent and gems spent in the quest event I realized it is completely NOT WORTH participating in the quest event. Not only did I spend several hundred gems on it I got in one last run the last couple minutes I spent gems on that did not even count (not as if it mattered). But from your standpoint 3x junk summon tokens are a good reward for someone who spent a decent amount of time and money on the event to receive something you give away to players everyday. What a joke and what a ripoff. I’m a VIP player who spends all the time. I’ve gamed well over 31 years. Explain to me in so many words WHY I should ever use your broken questing system again? Explain to me why I should even invest one more dollar in your game? You’ve got MILES to go before this game warrants another dime by my experience. Looks like ill lay it down another year and maybe come back if it’s had any real changes made. You pretend to not be a pay for play/win game with many of your game stances but that certainly is not the case. I fail to see any longer how spending thousands on games like these are even a wise investment period as they certainly aren’t and the reward certainly isn’t. Consoles and even PC are still so much better. Your VIP system is a joke as well. I’ve seen hundreds of suggestions on here that would be worth your investment into and many you want to implement fall completely short (much like the abominable new quest events)… This game is for players who spend thousands a month only, not hundreds a month. Same O S different game name.

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