Nothing else to say … More and more players are moaning including beta for the turn that took the game. I have always paid since I started playing and I have very little 5 *.
Thank you SG for showing your gratitude in return for my loyalty.

2 Jackals… :star_struck:

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I understand your frustration. But let’s be realistic here. The odds are clearly displayed in all portals. According to that, the chance of getting atleast one event 5 star (probability = 1%) from 47 pulls, is

1−(1−0.01)^47 = 37.65%

So, the results that you got are pretty much expected. To put it into perspective, if 1.4 million players do 47 pulls each, then 872900 of them will not get a single 5 star, which is the majority in this case. :neutral_face:

On the bright side you did get a couple of Jackals and Falcons. So consider yourself lucky. :slight_smile:


If we start from this principle but no one invokes anymore. I already have jackal and hawk, I miss panther. I find it a bit easy to answer rather than slightly increasing the chances of summoning. The game is different, it is time that the loot and summons be slightly modified.

Unfortunately, the odds have been the same for the last 3 years, so highly doubtful that it will change now. If you really wanted to get Panther, here is the reality of how many pulls you would need.


More of a reason we should be able to make 5* characters. Alot of other games give you this option or guarantee a Legendary of that game. I need a good 5* red that’s not slow. I’m sure others need what they need and the only answer people seem to have is spend more money or hope to get lucky. Hopefully they they address this problem

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what turn? the summon odds have been like that since ever. but players are suckers and just keep on paying.

Maybe the “turn” is creating 2 more 5* for each challenge events.

With the appearance of Gazelle and Chameleon, the probability of getting Panther is smaller (60% of before).

The game isnt giving back to who invests time and or money. I feel that too



You did get a few good heroes in there, but that is quite a bit of money spent for them.

I know, those are the odds, just the way it is, might as well not waste your time getting upset about it. Instead just ask yourself before buying pulls: knowing how much the gems cost, and how low your odds are, do you really want to spend that much? Are you going to be mad if you don’t get what you want? In that case - just don’t spend.

The game is still fun without all the best heroes. Probably more fun with them, but I’ve got to think about how much fun I’m getting per dollar. And seeing as how you can buy 100 summons and still not be guaranteed any 5* hero, let alone the one that you really want, I just don’t see it as being worth the money.

That’s just my opinion though. Some people don’t mind spending a lot. To each their own.


If we start from this principle then, nobody buys since it is the one who will be the luckiest. I easily spend 3k in money practically 3 years, sorry but the excuse of probalited start to annoy me a little. In itself I am not angry with my invocations but rather with sadness. If knowingly due to probabilities you have to wonder if it makes sense to invoke, then let’s stop it right away. The intention of my post is to join publications that say that the game is less and less rewarding. Again the game evolves, new things appear but the rewards have always remained the same from the start. It would be time to think about increasing this a little, otherwise you will see a thousand publications from the complainant of the game, it dazzles your eyes that the players are fed up.

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Oh I agree, I used to spend some, but I didn’t get much in return, so I stopped. If they increased the rewards, I would be more likely to spend again. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re going to do that. :man_shrugging:


Unfortunately… But I’m in the same situation as you. I’m going to slow purchases. If the game decides to increase the odds, I might be able to give a little more money.

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I feel bad for you, that you are sad and disappointed. That’s no fun, even though I personally would LOVE a second Jackal. Unfortunately, diminishing returns are a HUGE part of this game (e.g., how much more difficult it is to get a HOTM from Atlantis once their initial release month has passed, to say nothing of the Tavern of Legends, the value of a second costume for a given hero, the very concepts behind the Alchemy Lab and The Hero Academy, etc.).

You seem to indicate you understand the odds, in which case I’ll chalk up this

as an emotional reaction that you know has no grounding in reality. Probability isn’t an "excuse. But I agree it can still be frustrating. You’ve already hit upon an appropriate response, which is to reduce summoning. You control that, though I am sympathetic that constantly being disciplined can be as difficult as having an emotional reaction. Good luck on enacting that plan.


Thank you for your reading and your response as well as your encouragement. My post is not intended to disclose a hatred, but rather a way of saying that the game should revise their plans a bit because as I said above, it evolves, new things arrive, it becomes bigger . But how can you remain calm if the% summons remain the same if there are heroes to implement during the events / S3? I do not ask for a guarantee of having a 5 *, far from it. The game is made that way. But many are struggling to have 5 *, have you ever seen rosters of players easily having 8 hotm or other things in this style? One wonders if the game is really favorable to all…

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How I keep myself from spending:

I just remember what happened the last few times I bought summons.



Baaaaaaannnnneeeeeee !!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :rofl:


Loool. :joy: :joy: :joy: I buy only offers.:sweat_smile:

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I’ve pulled so many Banes, and Renfelds, Priscas, Dawas, Friars, Hawkmoons, Kailanis, etc. from bought gems.

Then I stop spending for months. Go do a single pull from free costume keys and pull a Malosi.

I have to ask myself, why was I ever spending? The game seems to like me better when I don’t. :grin: