Disappointing Thanksgiving to me

Happy Thanksgiving all! Unfortunately SG didn’t want to wish me a happy thanksgiving this morning. I woke up to a large number of possible loot results and was pretty excited. Titan defeated! I missed first place by just 1,000 dmg. And then received no unfarmable mats or trainers or anything useful. We won a war! Got nothing. Oh hey, my Titan chest is full… Nothing. We just so happened to fill our War chest too! Sweet! Surely I’ll get something from all that long hard work and waiting! …Tall boots, chainmail, 3 normal summon tokens, and some misc minor stuff. Really?! Come on! Ok well Atlantis is here, let’s spend these saved up coins… I get my third Gil-Ra, a Hawkmoon, and my third Gato. The only Atlantis heroes I’ve gotten to this point are Gil-Ra and Gato.

Gee thanks SG! What a morning of total disappointment.


I did 20 pulls and got 4 x Ameona. #sadpanda

On the bright side I decided to do a rage pull and that gave me Wilbur so in the end it all worked out.

Oh, Poor YOU! I feel YOU! I’ve spent 300 Atlantis coins and something near 2300 gems. Notable is wilbur and Gadeirus(i have him already maxed. Cool guy, But was no need)…

Sadly, SG is not in the US so doesnt know the joy of the most wonderful holiday on earth! Perhaps we should learn Finnish holidays so we’d know when the good stuff shall appear :grin:

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All in the spirit of thanksgiving , I did two pulls , one with Atlantis tokens and behold it gave me something 3 star fire with plenty of teeth , the second pull I used 350 gems and it gave Nashgar. Very good Thansgiving, I fed both to the old Nashgar in my roster . LOL.
Perhaps after Thanksgiving , I will have better luck at Zeline or Ares

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You think you have bad luck? I did 120 pulls today and got 2x Grimm, 2x Wilbur, 1 Triton, 1 boril, 1 Kadilen, all other 4* were dupes, and 0 special 5* heroes :frowning: at least I got lucky and pulled 2 mystic rings from the 9 chests I opened. I already pulled a Zim earlier this month so not totally sad but not getting 1 in 120 pulls is pretty bad odds

Sounds like a pretty standard day to me.

I did the free Atlantis Coin Pull and Got 5* Vivica… cha ching!

You surely had a bad day, but think positive!
You’re not a turkey :face_with_monocle:

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Alright, today is blackfriday, did another two pulls with Atlantis coins, my luck came back Zim came in after two Atlantis 3 * s, now I am happy as lark.

It shows we should keep trying… it will come, will try again for Zel and Ares.

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