I write to let you know that despite of I love this game, I must say that I become more and more disappointed :

  • the loot of color boxes rarely gives good objects ; it should be required to have 4 * objects for this kind of chest!
  • no reward for the finishing of all the buildings (level 20 including the forge under the barracks)
  • more than 60 training in the camps 20 and no 5 hero
  • Why put shields that serve nothing apart to protect the strongest ; a lab for evolution objects will be more appreciated
  • Farming is becoming harder and harder to find ingredients for 4 * objects (fragments of meterites, dragon bones etc …) ; even leather bands are hard to find
  • the titan loots could be more in phase with the scores (eg the first 5 have 2 rare items the next 5 one and so on)
  • mystic vision never give anything interesting but only green banier
  • some player received top hero of the month in few invocations and other player spend 150 € for only 3 *

Many people have stopped the game because of too much disappointment and many will stop it in the future if it does not change!

Do not tell me it’s random because you are the creators of the game so you have your hand on it, just change the algorithm that manages that …

I think you are making a lot of money already, so stop thinking about money because no one will play it anymore and you will lose even more …

I hope that my request will not fall to oblivion, because I know a lot of players who have the same feeling and feel to stop the game