That offer was not a come back offer, that was a please spend offer. There is a come back offer, but it was no where near as generous


That was a one time limited offer from a while ago and they’ve been taking crap for it ever since. I’ve been seeing that posted about since last fall. Guaranteed that will never be offered again.


If you read the developer responses you can make the intuitive leap…people who had accounts that didn’t spend and had started logging in less and less down to once a month…it was exactly the same thing that casinos do with slot machines, it’s the science of engineered addiction. Check it out sometime. Micro transactions are the new slot machine lol.


Wrong, devs clearly stated it was an attempt to get non-payers to pay. I got the offer and was a highly active user not slowing down my play one bit


maybe you could state your arguments in a civil manner… there is absolutely no reason to be rude.


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In my experience there is a better chance of pulling 4 or 5* on the specific color pulls. On the most recent purple I pulled I Rigard and Okaban. So that is what I will be doing going forward.

It is a game of chance but the odds are better there.


So we understand all at this point tahts SG have information who spend money and who not… So my experience its who spend money are more unlucky than who playing free … They are few reasons right now why its happen , and one agein its no good reason to spend money playing so SG SHOULD THING ABOUT IT why spenders are unhappy with his lucky and if what will be the furute when nobody spend money fore that resons ;)!


what does spending money have to do with random? Sure I have spent some money as have others. I have also had quite a few useless pulls. Useless as in they are just feeders, so not essentially useless but I’d rather get someone better than what I have if I spend money on it.

I just don’t understand all the complaining about a free game. If you want you can buy, you do not have to. Not everyone can. I don’t spend a lot. It is fun leveling and playing and not always winning (except when I go back to get items, heros, troops).

Just have fun and stop being so bitter about everyone else. Play the game the way you like. Noone is forcing you to do different.


And sadly, I was not selected for that offer! (yet I pathetically wait with my nose pressed against the window in never ending anticipation…cue Carly Simon).
@Petri where art thou?


Patience is very needed to play this game. I regulary purchase “grow your army” deal. It’s the best deal I think. I don’t mind spending it because it is within my “entertainment budget”/month, plus I’m in the good and active alliance.

@bluenoser I got that $100 package this month. Only got 2 5* hero. hehehe.


first off, it’s not “secret”. As far as I can tell, it’s offered at a certain point of spending. My main 7dd account got that offer way back in aug/september timeframe. My alt account got it last week. My guess is that once you have spent a total of between $50-$100, you get that offer. That’s about when I spent my first $100 on my main account and on my alt, last week was the time I crossed over the $50 spending mark. My son’s account, who has spent $20 total, hasn’t received it. Anecdotally, I’ve only heard people that get it once they hit that spending amount and people who haven’t, don’t.

I believe it’s called “King’s Bounty” FYI.


Well I just crossed over the $10,500 (not a typo) and am still waiting…

Any other theories? :wink: (aside from my lack of sanity?)


My educated guess is it’s a one-time offer that either you got and missed waaaay back, or you crossed the threshold awhile ago before it was offered and aren’t triggering it now. When did you spend your first $100 or so…

EDIT: I say that because I’ve asked about 50 people, and all the ones who had spent at least $100 had seen it and all the ones that hadn’t, hadn’t.


Thanks Dante,

Perhaps. I started playing in very early January of this year. My theories are as follows:

  1. My memory is failing me (not an uncommon occurence). However I did message support and @Petri responded saying to keep waiting - that was 2 or 3 weeks ago. I am assuming that support can tell which offers each player has received (or at least accepted). As such, I assumed @Petri would have indicated same.

  2. I honestly think that these offers are not rewards for crossing a particular threshold, but rather strictly an an inducement of sorts to encourage smaller spenders to spend BIG on a continuous basis (like the drug dealer handing out free or heavily discounted samples to get you hooked). As I have already demonstrated that I am a large spender, it would serve no purpose to give me the offer other than as a reward…they already know I will pay full retail price!

Just like your ISP or other service providers, loyal, long time customers who already fork over their money are less valuable (and valued) than the next new customer. As such, the really sweet offers like the Kings Ransom will be focused on a different demographic of clients to reflect this financial and marketing reality.

While I don’t mind spending and never bemoan when I get no 5* heroes in 5 consecutive 10x pulls (although I do scream into my pillow on occasion), I would think that at a minimum, all players should get the opportunity to accept or not all of the various offers. That is the only part which irritates me somewhat.

Just my .02.


hello get 5 * heroes from a training camp at 20 is a very long thing to make calls with gems is much quicker and fun should guarantee a hero 5 * on a call from 10 or a hero of the month you have to reward those who spend money


What’s worse is when a new player does spend a good bit and gets some 5* heroes, then learns they don’t have the materials to level them enough to be effective in battle. It took me several months before I started to build up some of the rare 3* and 4* unfarmable materials, and even then it wasn’t always what I needed for my particular heroes. Progressing in this game takes considerable time and effort (grinding) unless you’re prepared to spend many thousands on special offers and gems.


Yesterday pull over may x10… And recive all3 stars of dark… Not hotm* so u kill me right now.


If you can’t cope with bad luck then you should not play this game. It will make you sad and angry. Go spend your time doing stuff that is fun for you.


No creo en la mala suerte, llevo más de 150 intentos entre invocaciones de héroe épico y entrenamientos en le veo 20 y todavía no sale un 5 estrellas, esto no es normal desmoraliza y obliga a dejar el juego, jugais con la adicción al juego como máquinas tragaperras no debería estar permitido