i m very disapointed. I put regulary some coins in your game because i love it. but it s a pay to lose and not a pay to win…
during the last event i have buyed 2600 gems and i win 7 characters 3 stars and 2 characters 4 stars. what s the f***? i payed and 1 haven t any 5 stars? i have finished all the country and at the end i win tudan? nothing else?
your game is very good but i m very sad. i give you some money for develop this game and have an other season but i think you take me for a monkey. i will continue but i nothing change for me i will leaved your game.
thanks to have read my opinion


I agree with you on one thing. This is a very good game. Getting nothing important on a 10x summons is always disappointing, but when you purchase the summons, you are purchasing “a chance” at a 5* hero. That’s all. Just the chance. It didn’t work out that time. I agree, that is sad. That doesn’t make the game any less good.

I think we are all impatient for Season 2. I think the Devs are impatient to put out Season 2. Every now and then I try to review everything that has been added to the game over the past year and it is quite impressive. It helps keep things in perspective for me when I get impatient for things like season 2 to come my way.

There are a few things that I know about Season 2. I know that it will be good…eventually. I know there will be hiccups (problems) along the way. I know that people will be intolerant of those problems and complain a lot. I won’t. Because it will be here and eventually it will be just as good as the rest of the game that I truly enjoy.

I hope that makes you less sad and I hope you have much better luck on your next 10x summons. I hope your purchased “Chance” at a 5* hero turns into a reality and comes with a nice bonus draw too.

Meanwhile, keep enjoying the game. It’s actually really good.


thanks for your answer. I hope I will have a 5 star soon… in fact this game is cool but the conceptor are not thankful with the gamers it s just a coins box. i have just made a invocation and i win sabina… it s cool (i know) but it s an other 4 and i have a lot of 4…
i will try to continue until the end of this month.
but i m tiered.
for conceptor i whish you a good continuation

In order for you not to quit early and for you to enjoy the game more along the way- realize that 4* heroes are very very good. You can complete anything in this game with a full team of 4*. This is a game that requires patience or money. I use a little bit of both and I am still happy 6 months later. I look forward to killing 8* & 9* Titans with my 4* teams. I look forward to completing and competing in monthly events with my 4* teams. I look forward to getting high points in alliance wars with my 25 4* heroes. Yes, eventually I want 5* heroes. But I wasnt able to use them until 4-5 months into the game once I got the ascending materials.

Best of luck, hope this advice helps you see the good in a 4* hero.


Be aware that the best chance at a 5* Hero (5%) is available at Training Camp 20 (which takes roughly 5-6 months to level up to, but is worth it).

Also be aware that a great deal of the game is successfully played with 4*, while it can take a long time to acquire the ascension materials to complete 5*’s.

Take a look at your 4* and see what they add to your game. :slight_smile:


ok thanks . i will wait and see

Its still not normal to buy spend and not have the max … When some never purchase gems and have lucky to win few 5* being a low level player … So at the end we like the game… But we like a bad gameplay in this case !!! Becouse its wrong to pay fore something what may u unhappy :wink: atention !

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i agree with you Mgz. if you paied your chance must to be garanted. In my team a player lvl 17 have 2 5* and an other one are lvl 23 and have 3 5* and they have just buy the pass vip. could you explain to me Rook?

More spend more unlucky u are… So the solutions its not buying … Everyone should get understand thats … Thnx

(Before I was a Moderator) I knew several players who spent a large amount on Summons…

They had—what was to me—an insane number of high cards, including HOTM.

What concerned them however was not getting a 5*, but getting the right one.

This tells me that spending a certain amount may give you a great many cards, but one’s happiness cannot rise and fall on specifics, since Summons are random. (To be otherwise would shift the balance of the game completely into the realm of P2W; play to win).


ok you have answered at my question thank you very much you can cloqe this topic

I think I may detect a slight note of bitterness in this post. It’s subtle but if you look carefully, you can spot it.


I had to read it 4 times, did pick it up … nestled in there.


24 people are going to start a boycott … oh the horror!


Going back to the OP’s issue: you had a fairly normal 10x pull. The odds of a 5% are somewhere around 4% per pull. If that’s the right number, then only one in three 10x will have a 5*—a number that lines up with my experience.

5* heroes are NOT the be-all end-all heroes in this game. For reference, I’ve been #4 globally and my alliance has been #1. And yes, I have 5* heroes, but I regularly use many 4*. 4* heroes have some great abilities not matched in the 5* ranks, and they are far easier to max. An alliance with only 4* heroes cold easily take down 10* titans.

Develop a core 4* team of 10 well-matched heroes. The 5* will come as you play more, and they will add spice to your core team.


This is actually excellent advice. No surprise there coming from Rook. I pushed to get my Lvl 20 TC up and running and then developed my second one shortly afterward. They have generated Nine 5* heroes for me and I’ve not had my second Lvl 20 producing since mid December because I needed feeders more than I needed more 5* heroes.

Yes, I said Nine (9) 5* heroes out of my Lvl 20 TC and that has been plenty. I’ve also had them produce plenty of 4*. Get them up and running and put your fate in your own hands without spending more money.


Not being a pay to win is one of the better things about this game. Yes, you can buy some convenience and maybe get more heroes, but no one can just pour in the money and instantly become king of the hill. Playing for free is completely feasible. Incredibly well designed and fair game in that regard.

Dedication and time spent playing is the thing that makes the succesfull players succesfull here, not money.

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Whatever are you on about? I’ve never heard of SG offering a “come back, here’s a pile of goodies for cheap” package. There was a huge $100 package selectively offered last month, but that’s a lot of cash, and I’ve never read that it was offered selectively to those who were inactive.

Omg are you serious…look up gigantic offer…it was 2.99 a d gave 6000 gems and a crap ton of tokens and stuff…do some research…then post your thoughts

That offer was not a come back offer, that was a please spend offer. There is a come back offer, but it was no where near as generous

That was a one time limited offer from a while ago and they’ve been taking crap for it ever since. I’ve been seeing that posted about since last fall. Guaranteed that will never be offered again.

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