Disappointed with Summons


I got two of the featured heroes in a 10-pull. Is that false advertising too? I mean, that’s not supposed to happen, right?


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It is not cool to gloat over someone else’s misfortune and want to vent.

It is also not cool to retaliate after such gloating.

Let us remain civil in our dialogue here.


What you’re saying is of course correct, but being that 1 in 26… while the other 25 are happily showing off great or at least decent results…

Being able to do lucky pulls is one of the best parts of this game imo - it’s a lottery, and winning the lottery can give a truly happy feeling! Getting what you paid for, as in doing guaranteed pulls, would make you content - nothing more.

At the same, being severely unlucky in the lottery sucks so big it’s definitely the major down side.

I feel really bad for everyone stuck in bad luck streaks. Have high hopes for SG introducing some kind of trade/gifting function! And that academy can not come out soon enough.

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It is not that I find it abusive. I find it non-productive. Considering we are adults, I assume that we have all outgrown the kindergarten narcissism. I am simply aspiring to keep your thread alive and cordial.


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FWIW, I’ve had this happen to me too. Twice.

And I actually don’t Summon a particularly large amount, so it represents a notable portion of my Summoning experience.


Abusive language aside, the Op’s got a point.
A vast majority of players on here are complaining about advertised statistics - whether its summons, wu kong miss rate etc.
Perhaps this should be re-addressed (a bit more than a flash message from info button in game) to show transparency.

Players who spend money, i believe, deserve a bit more information on a more regular basis.


Indeed. Speaking as someone who’s 0-for-90 so far on heroes I want for this Atlantis, and who has frequently failed to draw the heroes I wanted, I have great empathy.

But there’s a difference between venting about the summoning process (understandable) and making claims about false advertising on that basis (inaccurate).


The lottery does suck, and so do diminishing returns.

So here’s the thing. If summoning is making you (or anyone else) angry and disappointed then this is not fun and defeats the purpose of playing a game. Consider playing with no spending for awhile and see if you get your enjoyment back. If you’re still feeling frustrated, time to re-evaluate.

The way I see it, as someone that previously bought some gems and VIP but no longer does so, summoning odds still suck, but I am happier and satisfied with smaller victories, and overall less bothered by the dawas and renfelds. Also, I am less bothered by inbalances in ascension mats and all that jazz.

Best of luck.


I’d actually change this to:

Players who spend money, i believe, deserve a bit more information on a more regular basis.

It’s a bit off topic, but I think Summoning is only one of several places that the game and SGG could have clearer and more effective communication and information available.

One thing I really like is how the Raid Tournament randomized loot is displayed.

I think something like that for Summoning results and Titan/chest loot would help set clearer expectations.


I can see how it would work visually for titan/chest loot but how do you see it laid out for summons?


You are completely right! I probably shouldn’t have quoted you actually, cause what I wrote wasn’t meant to contradict anything you said. I got a bit carried away just having read that other very callous and unnecessary comment from a different user…

Sorry to hear about your bad luck! Fingers crossed for your next tries.


I imagine it showing a rotating random 10 pull of heroes in a similar format to the Activity Log and Raid Tournament loot. It’d presumably be small icons showing the hero thumbnail and star rarities like in the Activity Log.


I’ve had really bad luck in summons, and watched as “everyone else” around me seemed to have great luck, including those who spent far less or even no money. Yes it’s frustrating. But - I don’t think I would change it. If 5* heroes were easy to get, everyone would have tons of them and nobody would ever get excited about pulling one. That would take away part of the fun for me.

Also, if people were able to outright buy “guaranteed” 5* heroes with X number of $, the game would be even more P2W. Certainly there is already an advantage for players who spend large amounts of money, but ironically, that RNG that we all hate so much is the one thing that is actually keeping the game “fair”. Or at least more fair than it would be if big spenders automatically got all the best prizes. By making it a lottery, rather than a guarantee, it forces rational people to think twice before dropping $$$ to do 100 summons, knowing that they might not even get any good heroes out of it (and it also encourages irrational people to take out second mortgages and drop $$$$$$$$ on trying to get the best heroes, which is great for SG’s bottom line) :smile:

It’s okay and totally understandable to vent after getting bad RNG. I do it too. That’s life, things aren’t always going to go your way. If you don’t like the lottery, don’t play it. You can still enjoy the game without spending money in the meantime. Or if you are just fed up with the game in general, you just stop playing altogether. Personally I’ve just gotten used to getting bad summons, so I go in with zero expectations from the start. If you go in expecting to get 3* trash, you won’t be disappointed when that’s what you get, but you will be pleasantly surprised when you get something better.


Sorry my post came off as a gloat. It wasn’t. I was in your boat before yesterday…then my luck turned for that one brief moment. I can relate to the frustration, believe me. Had a few 10x pulls with nothing but 3* garbage myself. But that’s the odds. We all know what we’re getting into. Once in a while you might get lucky. The majority of the time we all will get the shaft. It’s all random. Hope this doesn’t sour you permanently on the game.



Great read for a lunch break


It would be nice if they kept the odds the same but each pull goes to a chest and you get a 5* for opening the chest. I’ve never gotten a 5* event hero. After the Teltoc summons I decided I wasn’t spending a bunch on 10 pulls. I did 4 pulls and got Thoth Amun, Ariel, Wilbur and a 3* food. Did 2 more pulls and got 3* food.


I am in the same boat. My first two 10 pulls was all 3*.

Just live and learn I guess