Disappointed users

From “balance heros”

This game is really made in such a way that these creators take advantage of users who spend money, their weakness. They have just set up a conspiracy theory in which that profit from P2P. I just learned that Jove is no longer like before and receiving retrograde ethers. When I read the message of an ex user deeming the game a scam I did not believe him but now everyone knows if this is true or false. New heroes appear every month and their weak users buy to summon and after they find that all their users who had spent money got the heroes they needed and some don’t keep buying their products and that’s where they created a new way to get people to spend more, hero balance i.e. bring new strong heroes for users to spend and then reduce those heroes to bring others (note: according to them this balance of heroes continue and will never stop again) they are the ones who decide who everything, users do not have power. They even affect the new heroes newly appeared in 2023. Many disappointed users are waiting for another balance of heroes and if their heroes are affected, they claim a refund or necessarily cancel the various transactions via their banks and abandon this game forever and never do it. suggests to any way. I believe that Zynga will understand, when we talk and we have no solution, we must act. How many times it hurts spend a lot to get to play and after seeing your reduced heroes and other very strong appear why when they created these heroes did not think about balancing them before making them appear. They can show other yeses but not touch the holdings of their users.