Disappointed by reduced titan loot (Resolved for OP only)

I have just moved alliances, and have been penalised with reduced titan loot not once but twice this week.

I have tried to prevent it but have been unsuccessful. One reduced titan loot was poor. Now I have gotten reduced loot again on a rare titan. Seriously unimpressed, and just bolsters my aim to keep my wallet firmly closed.

Note: I have not updated to the latest version.

Has anyone tried contacting support about reduced titan loot that should not be reduced?


I am now seriously hampered with the existing loot fall.
I have 23 x 5* stuck that I can’t max to 4/80 because I have no Damascus Blades.
I will get one tomorrow from the quest and then that’s probably it until next time around.
So today I decided to go completely free to play… no POV no VIP no nothing.
I dont see the point of spending money when I can’t progress heroes and I am treading water


Oh no! That is a lot of heroes stuck waiting on mats. :frowning:

I applaud your decision to go fully f2p, and hope you get a nice clump of d blades soon @JGE! :crossed_fingers:

Also, I decided to contact Support. Better to contact them sooner instead of later.


Is it a bug @SamMe - commiserations :sweat:


It definitely seems to be. I’ve contacted Support, including screenshots, and will wait for their reply.

Thanks @Sarah2! Happy Friday to you! :smile:


Did you defeat a rare titan in a different alliance within the last 12 days?

I’m not sure if that ‘fix’ for undesireable merc behavior has been implemented or not. I believe it has, though.

Edit: I would note that the rare titan timer may have been a server-side change; thus it wouldn’t matter if you updated or not.

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I’m glad to write that after a few messages with Support, I received my missing rare titan loot.


You are not alone, my friend. I too have plenty of legendaries at 3/70:




And i have them as my current projects all to 3/70:


I have most of my unique legendaries to 3/70, except Frost, Elena and Guardian Owl. They will be leveled to 3/70 soon. The thing is, i am hoarding ascension mats:


Good thing Small Giant did correct your rewards. I wonder if they will be that generous if I filed a support ticket complaining for not getting Yang Mai in all the free pulls I have made last month :star_struck::crazy_face::rofl::joy:


@Ultra I notice a Reuben at 3.70. So we both have a non-maxed Reuben, and wanted Yang Mai. :sweat_smile:

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FWIW, I have 5 Reubens all obtained as bonus draws from free pulls made last December. It was the same with my Glenda, whom I got 4 of her.

Yang Mai… whew !! That was a good fish that got away, for me anyways since others don’t really prized her as much as some of us do. She is as good as gone since Atlantis portal, legend portal and HA10 would only give them to me like close to impossible.

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Glad they fixed it for you!!! :slight_smile:

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Freaking sweet! Congrats!

Credit where credit is due. Kudos to SGG for doing the right thing and not just blaming “user error.”


I’m still waiting… =-[

I’m sorry @gregschen. I hope they can resolve it for you soon.

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So. I just changed alliance. Went from one alliance stringing 14* titans to an other alliance stringing 14* titans. I am usually in B or A loot. Which is loot tier 15-16.

Today we had our first rare. I am aware of the new 12 day rule. I think it s***s big time. Usually we get rare titans faster than that.

I doubt there were much if any abusing the previous system. Much more likely somebody thought somebody wss being smart. Without being it.

Today I spend lots of mats on this rare 14* titan. I didn’t get the special roll. And even my loot tier got halfed to lot tier 7. That’s not ok. I feel cheated off loot.

The issue is not new. Please read @Petri’s response: Version 37 Rare Titan Reduction Discussion & Feedback [Developer Response in Post #85 & #200] - #86

So, what is your idea and feature request then? If there is none, this should be moved to the applicable vent thread.


I followed the feedback link from the application. This is where I was brought.

You guys nurfed the rare titan loot too much. Please change it back. The old system was good as it was.

Those complaining were misunderstanding the issue. They don’t understand people will get reduced loot for not being there at the respawn time.

The issue with people coming in and out looking at titans won’t stop. People are chasing pov titans or food/iron.

The current solution is creating bad vibes for those who are aware.

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That’s the loot I had. Rediculous bad. Especially considering the items I used. That’s just not right.

On the high levels. We need to perform. Or we get kicked out of those alliances. The loot on normal titans is way better. The titan before in the same alliance was loot tier 15. Rediculous to get loot tier 8 for using mats on a rare. Especially when having been in the new alliance 5 days already.

I completely understand your frustration @allwind.

I’ve gotten reduced titan loot quite often, and it is the worst on a 14* rare IMHO. :cry:

Fwiw, if I changed alliances with a titan minimum, I’d ask my leader to consider relaxing expected titan performance on the first rare titan. I think it doesn’t hurt to ask. :slightly_smiling_face:


How did you make this claim?
I want to make it too.
Thank you