Disappointed again

Once again disappointed and frustrated with the events on this game. Have spent time and money to ascend my heroes, replayed lower levels incessantly to bulk up my battle items and I get the same result as the last event!?! Can’t advance very far!!! No issue spending my money but I do expect to advance and win. If not, then why am I spending my money?
Oh, and this is for the beginner stage. Tried the intermediate stage and couldn’t even pass the first level. Aaargh!!!

You know that the same way you spend and progress… the others spend and progress too?

They don’t stop watching for you to win.

Whoever told you this game is pay 2 win, might have lied to you :wink:

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If you’ve truly ascended and leveled your 3* heroes and can’t finish the beginner track, I’m not sure what to tell you. Maybe take some videos of the harder stages and post them and ask for advice. I managed to finish it with only the original 5 3*s I have (and one is purple too).

Not sure why you’d need to spend $ to ascend 3* heroes since all the items are farmable…


The Pirates event kicked my backside at first, because I had never previously bothered with using battle items beyond the occasional healing potion in an emergency. The requirement for antidotes was an eye opener and an education in their proper usage.
The other issue I initially had was that I had used most of my 2* troops to feed 3* when I got them, which lack was a significant limiter.
Once I figured out the first point, I managed to finish the beginner level, and got as far as 7 in intermediate. When we got Teltoc, the second event, I had some leveled 2* troops, and enough better 4* heroes leveled that I managed to finish intermediate as well. Level 1 advanced still wiped me on the first round. It was only when Pirates came back the second time around that I managed to finish all three sets. In the meantime between events I was leveling heroes, leveling troops, making battle items and upgrading my stronghold to support the effort.
It’s not easy to succeed at these events, it takes practice, some luck with what heroes you have, Wu Kong being one to pray for, and simply the patience to be ready to tackle them. Despite the Beginner level name, they’re not really for new players.


Another voice saying, hmm, what? Pirates beginner level is nicely balanced. A fully ascended 3* team shouldn’t have a huge problem completing—maybe not competing.

Which heroes did you use for which levels? What battle items did you take?

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A few thoughts:

It took me two months to ascend my heroes (and 2* Troops) before I finally completed—not placed—in Beginner.

These events are attended by every single most competitive player in the game.

I spend each event trying new hero combinations when the last ones didn’t “work” and read the Forums for clues on how others did it.

The game is balanced between F2P and P2W. Paying doesn’t guarantee winning, though it does give you an advantage on getting 3-5* heroes in bulk.

I’d also wager that every player who places in top 50 in any tier of any event has bought world energy refills, many of them most likely.

With practice and skill alone though you definitely can complete all tiers once you’ve developed the heroes for them and place at least in top 1000 without buying any extra energy or using flasks. Top 100? Better have some flasks saved up at least…


If you want to be competitive in all 3 categories… yes, you must have tons of refills and use many items.

If you want to be competitive in one and just complete the others… Probably not, expecially in beginners tier that the energy is cheap.

I cannot afford to buy world energy, so I just save my flasks and usually have around 7-10 by the time the event rolls around. Then I make sure to place in top 10,000 in beginner and top 1000 in advanced and then compete in intermediate and usually am in top 100-150.

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The events nearly always fall on my work days and I work 13 hour shifts, so I just focus on finishing the event. If I end up having time, I’ll repeat the areas where I have lower scores to see if I can move up, but it is not a priority.

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I managed to beat Beginner with 3* heroes that weren’t fully ascended and 2* troops at level 3 or above, but I also wasn’t trying to rank - that takes more battle items than I’m willing to part with!

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I’ve decided to juts play the basic game going forward. I will be limiting my purchases now to be the exception rather than the rule. I’m out of my league when it comes to the events, clearly. The game is great. Enjoy it a ton. Cheers,

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As your team develops, it is definitely worthwhile to complete the intermediate and advanced tiers for the completion prizes. This is entirely a test of your skills, team and items, not a competition with the Zeros of this game.


My goal for the events would be to complete all levels. I don’t have a healer 3* and I don’t have a leveled purple 3*. With those weaknesses, beginner is tough for me. I was able to complete intermediate with a revive on the last boss wave, so I’m confident I’ll get that next time.

Bottom line, set your expectations realistically and you won’t be disappointed :grinning:


When I placed in top 50 I had saved up like 36 flasks I think I had about 2 left :slight_smile:

How do flasks help you place higher? More chances to get a perfect map on each level?

Exactly :slight_smile: You have to replay them to get your score up if you want to be in the top.

So, what do I win from this wager? The last guardian event I managed to place in top 50 for all 3 difficulties and I have never bought a refill. I have 20 flasks of world energy now, because last event I didn’t really replay a lot (and only ended in top 100 for intermediate and top 500 for beginner and advanced). When you end in the top 500/1000 for each difficulty you get like 7 flasks just from those rewards and if you save the other ones you get during the month you should have at least 10 for the next event.
I am out of battle items way before I am out of world energy anyway.

“I am out of battle items way before I am out of world energy anyway.”

Try placing in top 10 in all three… with all items used all you will have left are miracle boards.