Disappearing troops / Missing loot? (EDIT: not just from world battles!)

As @zephyr1mentioned above, 1* and 2* items like backpacks don’t show the shiny “+1” nor trigger a red-circle counter increase on the inventory icon.

To establish that there’s a bug:

  1. Screenshot your inventory
  2. Farm a round
  3. Screenshot the inventory.

If an item you earned in #2 doesn’t show up in the second screenshot, you’ve got solid proof of the issue.

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I did screen shots and sent them with my ticket. I was playing down to get the backpacks so I could make troops. I saw I had gotten two and then went to make the troops and none were there to make the troops with, This is how I knew there was an issue. I thought maybe I was crazy on my inventory numbers but it kept happeneing.

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I jast disappered from the game abaut 10 heroes and 300 diamonds!?

I have the same thing going on. I am loosing a lot of feeder hero’s battle items, 3 barbarian. Emblems. I lost 30 feeder hero’s in the time it took to pour a cup of coffee. Went to level up and 30 feeders were gone. Now my chests are all crap. A on the titan and I get the same stuff you would from providence 9 season 1.

Please fill out a support ticket. #contact-support

So if we fill out tickets who supports our cause? As I was basically treated as a newbie who never played and didn’t understand how to look at my loot!! Despite the fact that I put screen shots in the ticket and I did multiple follow ups with zero response from SG?

Oh and they closed the ticket without escalating it like I had asked!

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I had gotten summons for epic troops total of 5 summons. When I summoned troops I had seen that I had 3- 4* troops I had recieved a 4* blue, a 4* Yellow, and another 4* but when I went into my epic troop barracks i never recieved one of the 4* troops. Is this a bug or is itsomething else. I did summons at approx 8:30 am Mountain time.

First off, that’s amazingly lucky to get 3 out of 5 Epic Troops Summons being 4*. If I did the math right, there’s a 0.856% chance of that happening.

Maybe I’ve misunderstood what you meant by this, and you actually did 5 10-pulls?

Occasionally I’ve seen people mention items or troops not show up in inventory immediately, but suddenly appear after force-quitting and reopening the game. So I’d try that first, if you haven’t already.

I’d also suggest screen shotting Summons results like that, to make it easier to contact support.

And on that note, I think unless it suddenly materializes, your best next step is to contact support:


Well I did hit the support button and sent in the issue through the support button.
And whatever thought this was the support. Apparently not. You can believe what you want but I got screwed once again. This game us getting very frustrating. Especially with the amount of money I spend on this game. Everything cost so much and you get so little. This is not worth my money anymore. Last time I spend money on this game. Over the past 4 months I have been playing I have spent 100’s of dollars and hardly really recieved crap from it. It’s all set up to fail just like any other game.


I’m not doubting you on your results, just congratulating you on your amazingly good luck. :slight_smile:

And since you’re missing something you got, that’s a serious problem, which you should contact Support about.

Indeed, this is not Support, but rather the Community Forum, where players can ask and answer questions for each other about game strategy and other related topics.

Did you manage to submit a support ticket with the instructions I posted before?

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I have noticed the troops are going missing from my roster. I know 100% I have a leveled Richard and I leveled Rudolph and they are both gone. I also had multiple levels blue and now I only have three.

I am often finding a three star troop missing after a summon. Happened just this morning. And yes I clicked on summon and then it appears. I go into my troops and nothing new.

My recommendation would be to screenshot before and after each summons for a little while. That way, if the problem reoccurs, you can contact customer support with good documentation.

3 separate occasions, different days the free summon has given me 4star troops that never turn up in my inventory, or anywhere else. Twice it was yellow (leaping monks?) and once purple (assassin?)

Hi @Flung, and welcome to the forum. I’ve merged your bug report into a thread with multiple other similar bug reports. It can be very helpful for SG to see them all in one place, so the can tell there’s a persistent issue.

Please submit a support ticket to SG, making sure to let them know as best you can the dates and times that the troops disappeared.

@Petri These reports were scattered in multiple places and I’ve gathered them together. At this point, several people have reported the same problem, so it seems possible there’s some low-probability bug that is biting them.



You should submit a bug report, the forum can not help you with account specific bugs.


Do you mean the Gold Epic Troop Token?

Silver summons tokens and free daily summons can only give you 1* to 3* troops.

If it was a 3* or 4* Troop, it should show up under Options >> Support >> Recent Activity .

Screen shot

I recommend this for all gold Epic Troop Tokens and summons since the three different troop GUI are not great. I often forgot which ones let me lock a Troop and which one is best for locating certain 3* troops.

If you have an iPhone, you can immediately delete the photo and it will stay for 30 days in your Recently Deleted album. This way you have 30 days to review it, but it automatically deletes after 30 days so not to clutter your storage.


I now have over a thousand screenshots; I just upload them to my PC every day or two.

I screenshot every single 3* and up I get, troop or hero, from whatever source, along with many other things, and have them all in file folders by type and date.

It was originally just for fun, to note my progress, but now I find it’s necessary. Posting because I recommend this to others who have issues.

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