Disappearing troops / Missing loot? (EDIT: not just from world battles!)

Hi all, a warning, and wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing after the shutdown earlier today.

I collected at least three troops, probably more like five or six, in regular battle earlier today, and when I went to level them up, not one was there. (I know because I have so few left.)

So I put in a support ticket, which, after today, will probably take days to respond to.

But just now I noticed something else odd, so I looked, after each battle. Last battle I received about nine things (I took a screenshot once I realised this was happening), and only ONE of them was in my inventory.

I’m wondering how long this has been going on, as I used about two flasks’ worth of energy after the server issue, and am thus probably missing tons of stuff. I know I’m missing a bunch of coveted backpacks and swords (because I knew how many I had before I started), and seemed to not be getting any string all day, but who keeps track of every single incoming item?!

Thanks for any corroboration you can provide, and please be warned.

EDIT: I just opened a raid chest and got oodles of stuff, yet the only things that showed up were under the General tab, 2 emblems and a summons. In other words, I’m not actually receiving anything that goes under the Troops, Battle Items or Loot tabs. The hams and iron did seem to be received. (I’m not adding it all up, especially because we don’t have exact figures!)

EDIT: Just watched Mystic Vision, got Dragon Bone, Axe Attack, three gems. Dragon Bone DID show up in my inventory (so it’s not consistent!), and got the three gems (woot), but no axe attack.

I can’t play like this. Will try exiting and restarting, but can’t do it right now. BTW, I do clear my cache every single time I exit the game, manually, and have for a couple of months now.

EDIT: Have only scored one troop since I restarted my device and game, but it was there! So this may have fixed it. I’ll post again if I see any other weird stuff. BTW, two other members of my alliance have since said they’re missing stuff too… (Most of us are in such a hurry all the time that we don’t notice, but sometimes it stares you right in the face, as when I went to level my few troops…)

EDIT: My response from Support was “that’s not possible”, and then explained – so that it was instantly obvious the person hadn’t actually read my e-mail – how I could tell I had received troops – from, get this, little numbers and gold boxes above my inventory! Well, imagine my surprise! :roll_eyes: (I had a better response from Support on another issue, so I’m sure it was just that one person.) Once I had exited and restarted the device and the game, I started getting my troops back. I answered the support person to tell her that, in case it helped others, and she just said, “Good.” Thanks…

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@Rosenberg95 I recall from a few weeks ago that someone else posted something that sounds suspiciously similar, but unfortunately they never updated on whether they were able to resolve it:

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Possible Merge of Topic)

I would think you should first try the usual troubleshooting of force quitting the game, shutting down your phone, and turning it back on, since that’s roughly the usually recommendation for when purchased items are missing, and presumably the inventory addition process could have similar issues for the usual farming loot.

Presuming that (probably) doesn’t change anything, I think it’s worth contacting support directly, since this may be something specific to your account:

If you get any insights, please share them, in case anyone else is having issues!

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You may or may not know this. Just in case you don’t:

The red numbers on the item tabs, and the little golden +N numbers by each item, only appear on 3* or above items that you acquire. That means it can be a little hard to tell if your stock of 1* and 2* items actually increased. It also means that the red numbers on the inventory tabs tend to undercount total loot.

Did you directly verify the counts of each item in inventory before and after getting loot, or were you looking just at the red tab numbers and golden +N numbers? This has been a common issue for people, since I don’t think the 3*+ thing above is explained anywhere in-game.


@Garanwyn Brings up a good point, which I mentioned in the thread I referenced, but not here:

(just adding for link reference)

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Thanks so much for your time, @zephyr1. I have already put in a support ticket (and added to it twice!), and am restarting my phone. Will let you all know what happens.

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Thanks, as well, @Garanwyn. That may explain the axe attack (I’m pretty sure I know how many I had before, as I was low), but it doesn’t explain the troops, because the number and gold indicator show up even on 1* troops.

There are also no new troops in my inventory, and like I said, because I have so few and I’m waiting for them, it’s very easy to see that there are no new ones.


You’re welcome. Sorry it wasn’t a full solution. Troops are definitely rare enough without losing some. Good luck on getting that support ticket seen too quickly!

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wanted to lift my blue troops ***level6 but due to a server error I lost 10 lower level troops and about 300k food! Very disappointing because of the effort to reach this point. Alsof I noticed that coupling in the attacks is about 80% to opponents with a ( much) larger teamforce which is frustrating

I searched and didn’t see anything on this topic. I thought I was crazy but, it just happened again. I have noticed that in the past I have completed a stage and see the rewards but when I go to use them they are not there. I literally just played a stage to get back packs and swords. The reward was two backpacks and a sword plus some other stuff and I never got it. I went to go make hero’s and there weren’t there and the inventory showed no new items. When this happened in the past I thought I was making it up but apparently there is a bug that needs to be looked at. :weary:

@Sparky99 That’s definitely concerning. :confused:

As you can see above, a couple other people have seemed to have similar issues recently, though it hasn’t seemed to be a widespread issue that a lot of people are mentioning.

If you haven’t already, I suggest you contact support about it so they can see if there’s an issue with your account specifically:

In the meantime, to check a couple obvious/simple things:

  • Inventory will only show new item count indicators for 3 and 4* items. You literally have none of the items you got from loot, regardless of lack of notifications, right?

  • Do you see the items you’re out of not listed in inventory at all, and showing 0 available when trying to train heroes or craft items?

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On my 2nd account I received an Epic Hero Token from monster chest. Figured I’ll complete event and record a summon which will include the 2 tokens for our website. After i logged back in poof, no token in sight. I didn’t even bother with a ticket, who takes screenshots of Monster Loot, so I have zero proof and highly doubt they will even care.

Thank you I logged a support ticket. I do have a similar concern as I have no proof but if they see the number of tickets go up about a specific issue then they will likely look into it at least it’s my hope.

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Im having same issue with the troops. Just trained 6 n only 3 showed when i looked at them. It’s been going on for two days n im bery frustrated. :rage:

I was totally dismissed when I logged my ticket and informed instead on how loot works and to play the game. I provided screen shots and explained the issue so I am pretty offended @empiregames we are not stupid there is an issue.

Yep. Same here. I’m sorry that’s happening to you Sparky. :frowning: Maybe if enough people say it’s happening, they’ll actually believe us.

I’ve taken to writing down when I receive backpacks and swords (because you can’t write down or screenshot everything!), and I’ve still seen missing ones – and not just once. I’m talking about different sessions completely. And as I said at some point, I always clear my cache before I open the game, because my device gets so full so fast.

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So I told SG that there is indeed an issue and tonescalye my ticket. It’s been a week and I haven’t heard back from anyone. I guess them telling me how a game works that I have been play for months is an acceptable response. Shame on them.

As @zephyr1mentioned above, 1* and 2* items like backpacks don’t show the shiny “+1” nor trigger a red-circle counter increase on the inventory icon.

To establish that there’s a bug:

  1. Screenshot your inventory
  2. Farm a round
  3. Screenshot the inventory.

If an item you earned in #2 doesn’t show up in the second screenshot, you’ve got solid proof of the issue.

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I did screen shots and sent them with my ticket. I was playing down to get the backpacks so I could make troops. I saw I had gotten two and then went to make the troops and none were there to make the troops with, This is how I knew there was an issue. I thought maybe I was crazy on my inventory numbers but it kept happeneing.

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I jast disappered from the game abaut 10 heroes and 300 diamonds!?

I have the same thing going on. I am loosing a lot of feeder hero’s battle items, 3 barbarian. Emblems. I lost 30 feeder hero’s in the time it took to pour a cup of coffee. Went to level up and 30 feeders were gone. Now my chests are all crap. A on the titan and I get the same stuff you would from providence 9 season 1.

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