Disappearing troops / Missing loot? (EDIT: not just from world battles!)

Thanks so much for your time, @zephyr1. I have already put in a support ticket (and added to it twice!), and am restarting my phone. Will let you all know what happens.

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Thanks, as well, @Garanwyn. That may explain the axe attack (I’m pretty sure I know how many I had before, as I was low), but it doesn’t explain the troops, because the number and gold indicator show up even on 1* troops.

There are also no new troops in my inventory, and like I said, because I have so few and I’m waiting for them, it’s very easy to see that there are no new ones.


You’re welcome. Sorry it wasn’t a full solution. Troops are definitely rare enough without losing some. Good luck on getting that support ticket seen too quickly!

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wanted to lift my blue troops ***level6 but due to a server error I lost 10 lower level troops and about 300k food! Very disappointing because of the effort to reach this point. Alsof I noticed that coupling in the attacks is about 80% to opponents with a ( much) larger teamforce which is frustrating

I searched and didn’t see anything on this topic. I thought I was crazy but, it just happened again. I have noticed that in the past I have completed a stage and see the rewards but when I go to use them they are not there. I literally just played a stage to get back packs and swords. The reward was two backpacks and a sword plus some other stuff and I never got it. I went to go make hero’s and there weren’t there and the inventory showed no new items. When this happened in the past I thought I was making it up but apparently there is a bug that needs to be looked at. :weary:

@Sparky99 That’s definitely concerning. :confused:

As you can see above, a couple other people have seemed to have similar issues recently, though it hasn’t seemed to be a widespread issue that a lot of people are mentioning.

If you haven’t already, I suggest you contact support about it so they can see if there’s an issue with your account specifically:

In the meantime, to check a couple obvious/simple things:

  • Inventory will only show new item count indicators for 3 and 4* items. You literally have none of the items you got from loot, regardless of lack of notifications, right?

  • Do you see the items you’re out of not listed in inventory at all, and showing 0 available when trying to train heroes or craft items?

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On my 2nd account I received an Epic Hero Token from monster chest. Figured I’ll complete event and record a summon which will include the 2 tokens for our website. After i logged back in poof, no token in sight. I didn’t even bother with a ticket, who takes screenshots of Monster Loot, so I have zero proof and highly doubt they will even care.

Thank you I logged a support ticket. I do have a similar concern as I have no proof but if they see the number of tickets go up about a specific issue then they will likely look into it at least it’s my hope.

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Im having same issue with the troops. Just trained 6 n only 3 showed when i looked at them. It’s been going on for two days n im bery frustrated. :rage:

I was totally dismissed when I logged my ticket and informed instead on how loot works and to play the game. I provided screen shots and explained the issue so I am pretty offended @empiregames we are not stupid there is an issue.

Yep. Same here. I’m sorry that’s happening to you Sparky. :frowning: Maybe if enough people say it’s happening, they’ll actually believe us.

I’ve taken to writing down when I receive backpacks and swords (because you can’t write down or screenshot everything!), and I’ve still seen missing ones – and not just once. I’m talking about different sessions completely. And as I said at some point, I always clear my cache before I open the game, because my device gets so full so fast.

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So I told SG that there is indeed an issue and tonescalye my ticket. It’s been a week and I haven’t heard back from anyone. I guess them telling me how a game works that I have been play for months is an acceptable response. Shame on them.

As @zephyr1mentioned above, 1* and 2* items like backpacks don’t show the shiny “+1” nor trigger a red-circle counter increase on the inventory icon.

To establish that there’s a bug:

  1. Screenshot your inventory
  2. Farm a round
  3. Screenshot the inventory.

If an item you earned in #2 doesn’t show up in the second screenshot, you’ve got solid proof of the issue.

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I did screen shots and sent them with my ticket. I was playing down to get the backpacks so I could make troops. I saw I had gotten two and then went to make the troops and none were there to make the troops with, This is how I knew there was an issue. I thought maybe I was crazy on my inventory numbers but it kept happeneing.

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I jast disappered from the game abaut 10 heroes and 300 diamonds!?

I have the same thing going on. I am loosing a lot of feeder hero’s battle items, 3 barbarian. Emblems. I lost 30 feeder hero’s in the time it took to pour a cup of coffee. Went to level up and 30 feeders were gone. Now my chests are all crap. A on the titan and I get the same stuff you would from providence 9 season 1.

Please fill out a support ticket. #contact-support

So if we fill out tickets who supports our cause? As I was basically treated as a newbie who never played and didn’t understand how to look at my loot!! Despite the fact that I put screen shots in the ticket and I did multiple follow ups with zero response from SG?

Oh and they closed the ticket without escalating it like I had asked!

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