Disappearing harpoons and gems

The collected gems disappeared from 1100 to 400. I do not advance chest often, have made no pulls and made no shop purchases with gems. Trying to figure out where the gems went. Wondering if my account has been hi-jacked somehow.
It seems as though the crafted harpoons are disappearing as well. History shows crafting but no use.

Hi Serendipity and welcome to the forums!

Have you checked your Recent Activity; you can find this by selecting Menu and Options. This will let you know what’s been consumed, etc

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Oops my bad I see that the harpokns have been crafted and not used.

What do you mean by “disappeared”? Do you mean that they are not there when you select them before attacking a titan?

Could you provide a screenshot please as this may help us to find a solution.

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I can give you a screen shot now but I have none of the collected gems or harpoons before I noticed them gone.

A screenshot would be helpful thank you

A screen shot of the first screen when entering game or of activities?

I just had a look at my activity and it won’t show if you’ve used a harpoon, however it does say if it was crafted and what gems have been bought/gained, etc

Uploading: IMG_3983.PNG… Uploading: IMG_3984.PNG…

Right. And it only goes back 5 days. It doesn’t show the gems being used, only collected.

My apologies I can’t seem to see the screenshot

Wow, that took longer than expected

I don’t know what you will be able to do honestly. It’s questionable when items disappear. The harpoons could be something I overlooked but the gems, I know I didn’t use. That’s why I’m wondering if my game or system has been hacked.

Hope that was you guys because I was kicked out of the game. At least it was before selecting fight.

Can you please post pictures of your Recent Activity log? Just showing your base isn’t particularly informative.


Uploading: IMG_3985.PNG… Uploading: IMG_3986.PNG… Uploading: IMG_3987.PNG… Uploading: IMG_3988.PNG… Uploading: IMG_3989.PNG… Uploading: IMG_3990.PNG… Uploading: IMG_3992.PNG…

Are the pictures actually there this time(?)

You need to wait until the pictures finished uploading before you hit the button to post the message. As long as they only show a percent completed, don’t post yet.


How many do you need? None of the ones I’ve seen have showed the gems being used.

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