Disappearing cups - lost more than shown

Just done with raiding, won all 6 raids, got into diamond with about 2440 cups at the end.
Immediately after the last raid was done, I was presented with 4 attacks where I supposedly lose about 90 cups.
I know that sometimes these take time to catch up, but my issue is that at the end, my cup count was 2240 - how is this possible?

Here you can see I won two raids against diamond opponents with +33 (already close to 2400 in cups), and then +43 on top that should place me well into diamond.

Here are the 4 raid losses I got presented with after my wins: -32, -28, -18, -18; totaling -96.

So how is at least 2400 - 96 = 2241 (seen top right on all screencaps)?

Update: the number of cups updated to 2453 after 20 minutes and reopening the game.
However, the game still thinks I’m in platinum, as it gave me platinum tier rewards from the hero chest.

Is something going on with the servers?

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