Disappeared gems

About 1600 gems disappeared without any action and purchase …

Can you check your ‘Recent Activity’ tab under Options/Support?

Already checked before to write. Nothing there about gems spending in such amount …

Did you ask for a refund of an order?

No. How can I do it ?

Btw, seems I found issue - game itself sold without me 3things in row - scarlet avatar + 2 times sharp steel. I Didn’t do this definitely. Even non-specialist

Best to send in tix to CS.

Plus take SS of your activity trail.

Did you buy the avatar and the sharp steel ? Accidentally? From the Shop offer? I am not sure which avatars are free these days.

maybe your kid did it?

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Not my kid, nor me bought something. At the time of selling phone was on my hands. But I never bought these things. I understand 1 accidental buy, but not 3 in row.

Unlocked phone in trousers?
Seen it happen before…

App always asking “if you really want to spend gems?” As windows 3.11
It is possible, but with very-very rare chances …

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