Disable repetitive splash screens

There are a variety of splash screens that become unnecessarily cumbersome for experienced players, as they see them many times in a day or week. These include:

  • Common and Rare Quest intro/exits
  • Training Camp retrieval

For Quest intro/exits, I’d like to suggest a way to opt out of these splash screens in the Options tab. As a secondary, having a client-side data table to flag each “already seen” splash screen can help lessen unnecessary screens: how often do I need to be told what Gather Food I means? The Options Tab would then allow for a “reset splash screens,” button, which would clear this data table.

As for Training Camp retrieval, the idea is the same, but simpler: eliminate the initial animation of each unique hero’s card, and go straight to the scrolling lineup (shown below). The lineup already has a function ("?") to see a desired card, but this would save countless unnecessary clicks for 1-2* heroes that are often picked up 20-30 at a time.

The goal here would be to streamline the (multiple) daily logins for veteran players, while still offering the information to newer players. All while causing minimal programming or changes necessary to the game. In the case of the quest screens, a conditional (if this, run that) is added, dependent on a table or Options flag. In the case of TC retrieval, disabling a small section of code (inital splash screen).

Hope this helps. I’ve got a few other small suggestions, but will use other threads to separate them.

(edited to show correct lineup photo.)

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