Disable Raids W/O Update


Wherever you issue an update disable ability to raid until updated to current version.

There is a large number that go on raiding crazes and you can’t revenge them. It appears it’s being used as a tool for a short term advantage

Raid trophies
How can I vote / Create a poll?
Notice to Old version app/Different app users
Again... Revenge not possible due to different Paa version - BEFORE AND AFTER UPDATE!

I do not have a vote but I like a lot your idea

I could not revenge 6 teams because of this stupid restriction.

Imagine if you are top100 team, nice way to cheat. Course it is short term advantage but SG is against any form of cheating. Very active team and not updating app? Yeah sure…


Thank you for your thoughts.
That is the exact reason behind my request, in our alliance alone there were several players hit.


I’m pleased I found this post.

After the latest update, we are once again seeing alot of complaints regarding raiding whilst update 15 is being rolled out.

Seeing that AW is disabled during an update, it makes alot of sense to do something similar with raids.


Brilliant idea! Simple, effective and fair! Thanks for this!


The vote button is the blue highlighted one above the threat - just in case anyone was overlooking and searching for it - like I was several minutes ago… :wink:


I would like to downvote this. I don’t want the devs wasting time on this - it’s a transient thing that generally lasts for a day or so around major updates and then resolves itself. So you can’t do a few revenges, go raid someone else.


Very true.

I do think it’s the new-ish players that haven’t fully grasped the concept of Raids and on what happens during an update roll-out.


and besides do we really want to disable filling raid chests for whole swaths of people simple because google or apple hasn’t rolled it out to their geography yet simply because a few folks can’t revenge a few people for a day or two? literally the definition of lots of work little reward.