Dirty Pirate Harlots Recruitment

I spot open!

Sorry, I can’t think of anything clever to add. Keep it Dirty, Hookers.

Got out first 10*, one spot open, could be 2 or more. Contact here if you want to join a fun, ascending alliance, active, chatty and twisted.

We have a couple of spots open again, show some mercy and spare me from AR. Looking for some active family members to make us consistant on 10 titans, as well as join in the chat. Come on now, be nice.

Three spots available, and we would love to have a few good men or reasonably hot chicks join us in time for the next war. Emphasis on fun and participation! And naughty things! Holding onto the 9s, but the 10 titans are a little tough now. Be a hero and join now.

We are on a 3 war win streak, come on aboard and have some fun!

Seriously, I need 4 people who are active with questionable morals. Stop this conversation I am having with myself.

Help us get back on our win streak! Be the degenerate hero you were born to be and hop on board. 3 openings, ready and eager.

Hey there. 5 of us are looking for a new home.

2550 cups - TP 4182
2200 cups - TP 3742
2000 cups - TP 3618
1070 cups - TP 2833
670 cups - TP 2200

Would you be able to take us in?

We have a second alliance for growers, Dirty Pirate Strippers. That would be good for the 2 lower players… can be frustrating for players on both ends of the spectrum that far apart.

5 spots open! We need some help taking down 10s! We just started a new war chest, get in now.

We once again have too many spots and not enough Pirates. Even shorthanded, we are beating 9* titans, some 10s, and winning wars. If you wanna help us reach the next level and have a loyal, funny personality, hit the button and join. 18 and over, and bring your pervy, active friends along.

Boring and sensitive types need not apply.

Hey boys and girls, war is over, and it is that time again. We have 6 spots to fill before we are complete again, and I will keep posting here until someone actually reads this and joins :joy:

1 spot, yes just the 1 spot for a decent hitter, questionable morals, loyal, funny and willing to put out a little. Join now, drop your boring alliance, and I can get you an authentic velvet Elvis painting. For only $30. The comradary and gaudiness make up for other poor life choices. 9 & 10 titans, hot chicks and unsobered chat non-stop.

LMAO. You guys sound awesome. I have a couple of other dedicated users looking for an active alliance too. Some questions:
Do you guys use the Line app for chat?
Where are most of you located? We are U.S. based.

We are almost entirely U.S. got 7 or 6 spots. We have Line, and Kik.

There are three of us currently using 3800TP+ teams and using all flags but we have also jumped around alliances for the past 2 months looking for a good home.

Would it be possible for us to join you guys on the Line chat as potential recruits so we can introduce ourselves and get a feel for the alliance?

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Sure. I hate Line, can’t use it to find people, but we are on there :joy: You would all be welcome.

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