Director Zuri vs Delilah

SG, these new heros are just broken.

Lets compare Director Zuri vs Delilah.

Both 5* and both Average speed… BUT

Zuri has better stats
Zuri heals more
Zuri has stronger minions
Zuri cleans status ailments

Not to mention the family bonus… Where is the balance in that ??


Zuri is new, Delilah is 3 years old and no one wants her anymore.

Compare Zuri to Costume Vivica or Prof Lidenbrock instead, as she’s competing with those. Not with good old Deli that noone even remembers anymore.

Expect SG to create heroes which people want to pull, rather than heroes which are comparable to old unloved ones. At least, in most of the cases (COUGH SALMON COUGH LOKI COUGH)


With this mindset what is the point of pulling for heros? They will just get outdated anyway so why even spend a $?


Why buy a new car when it will be outdated in a few years time?


IMO creating more OP heros is not the way to keep players interested. Mby the new ones but not the rest of the community. If you want people to keep spending and dont break the game lets introduce new mechanics, heros that are very good at specific situations, heros to counter heros etc. But just adding the raw power is stupid. Create 6* heros instead.


I don’t know, you tell me. But that is the game we are playing, whether we like it or not. It’s literally always been this way, with only few exceptions.

Besides, have Zuri released with stats like Delilah and next day you have a trillion posts on forum:



Id still have Delilah :grin:


A Delilah in Bag is worth n number of draws for Zuri in the Wild… :rofl:


Hey Pali, as bunny said Delilah is 3 years old. SG has tried assist with this issue by throwing out “costume” heroes, maybe Delilah will get her costume one day.

This is about SG and their $$$, no matter what anyone tells you in attempts to justify it.

If you have just realized that now, then it’s a belated Welcome to the club of enlightenment. As they say, better late than never.

TBH, one could already ascertain that there is an imbalance among heroes. Season 1 heroes alone, if you have started playing prior to Season 2, among the classic legendaries, the least loved are the slow purple and nature ones, while the fast snipers are very much coveted, with several players maxing 2 or 3 of them, some maybe more. The imbalance got accentuated with every new release of heroes, may it be from events, seasons, seasonals, and even HOTMs.

This game is designed for players to play and grind for years. Ask yourself, why do you buy clothes and shoes every now and then? Most common answer is because you want new ones to replace your old ones by reason that they are pretty worn and very much used. As with everything else, the young replaces the old.

Just my opinion, I think that the natural course of action is for SG create new heroes that are a bit powerful than the old ones. I think they have done a wonderful job transitioning from S1 heroes to S2 heroes as they increase in power and ability is not that very much that apparent. However, from S2 heroes to S3, the differencr of power, stats, and skills are so much noticeable. Much more so with ninjas and the additional heroes from the monthly and seasonal events. And now, S4 heroes.

In the end, if you are bored and find no enjoyment in the game anymore, there is no other better recourse but to move on and find greener pasture somewhere else.


Costumes are not updates to old heroes, but new heroes to gamble for that have the option of old hero abilities.

SG has done a passable job of how much the power creeps, but a very poor job of mitigating it. Each new step in heroes makes it worse (compounded) because nothin is done to truly update the old (again…costumes as implemented do not solve that, but make it worse).

As aggravating as it is for old players, the worst part is that it makes it harder for new players to start which means they don’t bring in new money. If you cant bring in new money, the game will stall out and its over for us all.


It’s all about greed, exasperated by a seeming lack of creativity by the design team.

Unfortunately, with their refusal to implement balance updates to older heroes and their continual release of more and more OP heroes, SG has pushed out far too many older players—players who invested a lot of time and money in the early years of the game, only to see the game pass them, and the decks of heroes they’ve built, by.

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The real kick in the pants is they BUFFED her more than the strongest beta version of her (also buffed other circus heroes to stronger than their beta appearances). I mean, REALLY?? She wasn’t strong enough?

Costume is not balancing tools. Rebalancing should not be hidden behind paywall. That is as good as introducing new heroes without balancing the old.


I agree with you there man. It is ridiculous to pay for the heroes you already have, just for a rebalance. It is like them saying here, we will balance it and answer your complaints. Buuut…you gotta pay for it.

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