DINGO DOGS is looking for a few new members!

Dingo Dogs is recruiting! We are a low-key, friendly alliance with a loyal core of dedicated, higher-level players who are starting over after our previous alliance was dissolved by the leader.

Currently no team power requirements - a great time to join and grow with us! Trophy and team power requirements will grow as our titans and war selections catch up to our team experience levels - join now and get in on the ground floor! We love to help new members get into the game!


What level are your current members and how many have joined the team? I’m kind of tired of my current group, and may be looking. I’ve been playing for about 6-12 months, every day. I don’t have a complete 5 star team yet, but my 4 star teams are pretty healthy and do fairly well in the wars. My titan strikes are from 18k-25k usually but I get higher too. Where are your users? My team is spread all over different time zones and makes it hard to coordinate wars. We also picked a German flag, so we get a lot of foreigners who cannot communicate joining. The reason, so we can swear. Big deal.

The core members from the old alliance (dissolved by the old leader) are ranged kevek 23-40 and actively building. We do have some very new members, since the new alliance formed, as we all enjoy helping out others. The majority of us are in the US, with a couple players out of the country.

We are already up to 2* titans - come join us! It will be 4*, 6*, and higher before you know it!

We may be a new alliance, but we are already up to 5* titans, and 16 dedicated members! Come check us out!

Hi chantares. Took the time to view your alliance. I’m wondering if you’d like to combine alliances somehow. If so, you can add me on line so we could discuss it further. My line ID is thatsnoneofmybizness. If you prefer not to, I understand.

I have no problem discussing combining alliances! But I apologize, I have no idea how to “add you online”.

Would you like an email address instead? Or can you give me instructions how to add you?

It’s through the line app. You’d have to download it from the AppStore or the google play store.

Sure, ok - is that what the app is called, if I search for it? “Line App”?

It’s called line. The application is green and white.

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