Dilemma with Telluria plus Vela with Black Knight or either JF; Experts help :)

Hello all,

This Atlantis I was lucky enough to pull Kageburado and Clarissa, but his has created a dilemma for me with my potential defense team. I Have to decide to ascend either Jean Francois or Black knight, thus my 2 best options for a defense team, that I can come up with, are the following:

1st option - Kageburado; Jean Francois; Telluria; Vela; White Rabbit (in this case this is a Rainbow team, but I am ditching Black Knight for Jean Francois in order to use Kageburado as a wing, as BK an Kage share emblems - I have only 6 rings for now, and have not ascended neither BK nor JF yet), or the order could also be Jean Francois, Kageburado, Telluria, Vela, White Rabbit

2nd option - Alice; Black Knight; Telluria; Vela; White Rabbit (in this case I do not have a Rainbow team, but still have Black Knight, which is considered to be a better choice for the defense team than JF, and he is also more useful for playing on your own - quests, events, stages, etc.)

Would you ascend JF or BK (thus choosing one of the described defense teams)?

Clarissa over Kage and Blacky over Jean. Kage on wing? No.

Alice Claris Telly Vela Bunny


Yeah, I would love to use Clarissa, but she shares emblems with Telly, and my Telluria herself is only +13. Such a shame that both are Paladins :frowning:

Maybe there is a third option, although I hate the idea of sharing emblems even more than loosing a rainbow team - Clarissa, Black Knight, Telluria, Vela, White Rabbit, although they would share emblems :sob:

Synergy over class doubling.

Stackable DoT is crazy devastating, I wouldn’t hesitate to put both paladins on my def.

2 is okay imo, I have Vela and Zim on my def, both @+9 and my def works great.

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Maybe then I should go completely crazy and opt for DOT only as the main priority, and create such a lineup - Clarissa, Jean Francois, Telluria, Vela, White Rabbit, this would be also a rainbow team and DOT-oriented

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Go for crazy 800 DoT per turn. :skull_and_crossbones:

Bear in mind that White Rabbit has to be on the left wing, not on the right since he reduces defence:

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Yes, was thinking about that as well, but thank you for the comment.

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