Dilemma on allocation of emblems


I got quite lucky not too long ago and managed to score both Telluria and Clarissa (F2P) from the gems I saved up. I’ve only played this game for slightly over a year and don’t have a ton of emblems.
I did a quick count and I have 570 Paladin emblems at the moment. Both Telluria and Clarissa are Paladin class and will probably be in the meta for quite some time.
So the questions are:

  1. Is it better to invest all emblems into 1 hero or split them equally?
  2. If it is better to split, which level emblem class level should I stop at for Telluria? (emblem class 8 and 10 require 125 emblems)

I’m leaning towards bringing Telluria to emblem class 7(since class 8 requires 125 emblems), then allocating the rest to Clarissa. I believe Telluria should be of slightly higher priority since she’s in the tank role.
Appreciate your kind thoughts and feedback.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

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