Dilemma for the next ascension



Hello everyone! I need some advice on which dark hero should give my next ascension items? I do own already few fully leveled healers but none fully dark hero yet. I am considering to reach the next level ascension for Khiona, but is she worth it at the 3rd. ascension level?


We need to know what the rest of your bench is.


The 1st picture is my main team. The 2nd picture is some of my healers & have few more on the bench including Rigard.


I’d say do Khiona. How many Tabards?


I’d go Khiona then myself.


Leaning towards Khiona, but need to know how many trap tools and tabards you have. Damascus blades and tomes of tactics as well.


If you have 6 or near six tabards, then Khiona! And also near 8 trap tools. If you only have like 2 tabards, then Sabina, since it takes sometime you to got those!


I actually have enough to upgrade Khiona to the max! But is Khiona worth it?


Khiona is worth it. I vote Khiona.


Anche io voto Khiona


English is you please.


Grazie! I translated the info!


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Yes. Up Khiona. You already have max Proteus. I would not even up Sabina if I were you. You don’t need her. You already have Mel. Just my 2 cents.


Khiona worth it, but if youre going to try for the vampire, maybe you can hold your tabbards a little bit and see what you get there. I personally like khiona esp sandwiched between 2 sharpshooters. Also khiona one of 5s who can flip zeline attack debuff. The other being ares and viv/locke for cleanse.


Good point. Lady Locke also does a team cleanse, and the sand heroes cleanse themselves.


Hey everyone! I have enough complete ascension items to max up one of those two heroes. Which one should be the priority? Thank you for your help


Joon is better for Titans and Drake is better for raid offense. Both are decent defenders but Drake tends to waste his special more often than not.


As @TylerDirtyn says, there is no bad choice here. I’d look at your other heroes—do you already have strong snipers like Marjana and Sartana? Or more spread damage like Richard and Quintus? I like to diversify so I’m not carrying just snipers or just spread damage.

Btw, Jackal/Joon is a great 1-2 combo that will kill most heroes.


I’m in the same …
I already have Delilah to the max.
between the two, my conscience takes me to Joon, but I’m still not sure.
I would have the chance to have one more HOTM to the fullest. is what leads me to great doubt.