Difficulty of Titans and the corresponding ascension materials rewards.. does difficulty really matter?

Hi everyone…

I’ve been playing this game for quite some time… and have been in an alliance which only attacks a 4* to 5* alliance… and now I am in an amazing alliance which attacks a 9* Titans… and occasionally we even beat 10* Titans.

What I was wondering since a long time ago is… do we even need to be in an alliance that attack a higher tier Titans for the ascension materials?

What I mean here is… during my time with the alliance that attacks a 4* titans… the frequency of me getting, let say… Warm Cape is just the same as now when I am in the alliance that attacks 9* Titans.

So what’s the difference of winning against 4* and 9* Titans really?

All this time I thought the higher the difficulty / stars of the titans… then the higher the chances of getting unfarmable ascension materials. But looks like that is not really the case here is it?

I also have been able to occasionally achieved A+ rank attacking 9* Titans… dumping almost all of my Titan flask in the process (my team isn’t that strong so I need help from 8 Titan flask to reach A+ ranks) and yet I didn’t receive any ascension materials.

Yet the very next titan… I was only able to get C rank… and the RNG system awards me with a Trap Tools.

So will it be correct if I said… rank doesn’t really matter in terms of getting ascension materials as a reward?

More ascension mat drops are available on higher titans.

Drop percentages may be slightly higher too. Dont think this has been confirmed tho

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My experience says that high level titans (8-9* ) give higher chances of getting unfarmable materials. I played in an active alliance and rare mats used to appear every third titan or so. Now I deal with 1-2* titans and haven’t got a single rare item within a month.

Higher level titans put you up into higher loot tiers. Still depends on your score, though. Scoring an A+ on a lower titan can put you in the same tier as scoring a C on a higher titan.

That being said, higher loot tiers might give you more chances at scoring ascension mats, but still zero guarantee that it’s going to be a good ascension mat. Technically, arcane scripts and strong ropes are ascension mats. So you beat a lower titan, you get a strong rope; beat a higher titan, you get an arcane script and a strong rope. :laughing:

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