Difficult question about Healing bonus

One emblem step is “healing bonus” which is written as “increases how much a Hero heals from healing items and special skills by 2%”

Nowadays many heroes get healing by passive skills, sometimes from themselves and sometimes from others. Will healing bonus gives 2% extra or not? Anyone that has this udd answer? :pray::thinking:

Otherwise maybe the standard alternative mat be better “health bonus” which means “increases health by e.g. 3%”

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Someone must have a clue :grinning:
@Tidyup or @RandaPanduh or other experts?


Talent bonuses don’t apply to passives.

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Talent skills, surely. But other talent bonuses should (at least the basic stat bonuses obviously do).
What do you think on the particular heal bonus @Zack?

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The phraseology is ambiguous. Is it how much they heal themselves or others with their skills, or how much they receive when healed by others? Both? Something else?

Generally, because I can’t figure it out, I go the other direction. Would love clarification though

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Yea, I was thinking more along the lines of the talent bonuses that increase healing by whatever %. Now if the the passive is heals 10% of the health pool, the talent nodes that increase the HP would definitely increase the healing there due to the increased HP based on the talent node.

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I don´t think it matters one way or the other 2% bonus is pretty much nothing and those little passive heals are small to begin with. If the passive heal heals 100 HP the bonus will make that 102 HP lol. So I really couldn´t care less if it does work or not.

Well, the intention behind the 2% or 4% talent node seems obvious: all healing gets slightly increased.
The wording is clear that the nodes only work for healing items and specials skills, though.

So here is a test with my C2-Caedmon 4-70+20, a paladin with the +2% healing node:

Caedmon has 1611 HP.
He gets healed by Bennu’s 10% heal by 164 HP.
He also gets healed by his paladin’s 10% heal by 164 HP.

1611 HP x 10% x 1.02 = 164.322 HP = 164 HP :white_check_mark:

=> the 2% and 4% talent nodes also work for the passive skills

(This increase from 161HP to 164HP still doesn’t entice me to take the healing nodes)


Thanks for that. It’s meh, but at least it’s clear now.

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Thx for the detailed answer :pray:

Yes for moat heroes the passive is small. But some of them have starting to be higher. E. G. Nogu, the new champion, get 450 boosted health in passive if enemy cast boosted health.

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I know you would be the man for this situation. Thank you for the quick investigation. My first gut feeling was that it should work on every healing indeed, pleased to be proven right haha :blush:


Ask yourself this: Have you ever said “Oh no! They must have taken the healing nodes!”?