Different ways to obtaining Minions

This is my first post. I am trying to understand the “language” used for this game. The only way that I know how to obtain minions are through collecting a certain coin that allows me to “chance” collect one. Kind of like a lottery. I understand the training of minions. (So I think) Example: I have a GREEN HERO, but I need a “GREEN MINION”. Is there a way to specificly obtain a GREEN MINION?.?

Minions are the result of some heroes using their special abilities. You can’t buy them.

The word you are looking for seems to be ‘‘Troops’’. Currently there is not a way to obtain color specific troops. It is a good idea though and it has been suggested in the past as well :slight_smile:

Read Dlilah’s special skill to see about minions.

Like Daniel said, you might be referring to troops. Troops are obtained by using an epic troop token or by fighting levels on the world map. Spend enough tokens and fight enough battles and you’ll have plenty of troops of every color.


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Ok, so I think I understand. You go to “War” with HERO’S. Connected to the Hero’s are MINIONS. MINIONS are obtained by TROOPS. Troops are not defined by COLOR (Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green). In order to enjoy this game, I need patience. Is that right so far.

Nope. Look at the picture below from my team. Heroes are on top. Directly below the hero is the troop that is attached to that hero. Minions have absolutely nothing to do with this.

Alright, I believe I’m calling the troops, minions. It appears that I am all confused with describing any issue’s I may have. Thank you for pointing out where I’m wrong in describing.

You need green Troops …
Well it can be obtined as rewards from
Mystic Vission
Hero chest
Monester chest
Elementa chest
War chest
Titan chest
You can buy it in game store
And in while of waiting for good 3/4 ☆ troops you can farm them on province 8 stage 7 which called 8-7 . You can obtian 2☆ troops there.

You’re welcome! There’s a lot to learn in this game for sure.

Read this thread …good info

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So what is a minion?? I have gobbler but not sure what to do with him since i dont know what a minion is other than being a 1 eyed yellow thing, xan someone explain what a minion is???

Certain heroes (like Delilah above, Red Hood, and Thoth Amon) have special skills which create another attacker’ in the game. These extra minor attackers are known as “minions”


Awesome thank you very much i get it now

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