Different Rewards "Options"

I have a suggestion. How about offering rewards “options” at the end of events. For instance: For each tier of rewards you could offer maybe 3 different options for your spoils. Like offer one “chest” or something that has slightly better odds for getting EHT’s, ETT’s, or DST’s. Offer one chest that has slightly better odds for Ascension Mats. Then offer one chest that has increased odds for Emblems/Reset Tokens. Something like that. The catch would be that each chest has only the items that you chose, with some various miscellaneous stuff like crafting items or battle items. In other words… if I pick the chest for tokens, then I would have 3 “pulls” for tokens, then crafting and battle items, and that’s it. No chance for the other categories like emblems or mats. Then people could choose more along the lines of what they actually need, and the devs don’t have to try as hard to balance the reward tiers because they are trying to include a little of everything when they do so. What do you guys think?

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