Different pricing for offers by country

I am in an Alliance with people from all over the world. Love the game and spending time levelling heroes up. But today’s summer offer for gems, ascension items and materials is £48.99 in the UK, but $49.99 in the US. Convert £48.99 to USD and that is almost $64. Have we done something wrong over here to justify that? What are other countries seeing from a cost point of view?

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Eur 54.99 to me.

Are you sure that Americans not paying tax after purchase? Still could be huge difference but not that big like you are showing.

That has to do with appliable taxes by country, not under SG control. Here in Brazil, for example, we have a 20% tax appliable over the price.

Hmmm I don’t think so. Not for over 30%. I work in imports and exports of applications and cyber security and there are no extra taxes between the UK and US due to current trade agreements. That I know about.

If Americans do not have any tax then SG should increase prices to them :smiley: Just joking.

Hi Shawry,

I have been over this and even sent a complaint to SG and Apple. It’s all to do with the taxes in the U.K. it doesn’t make sense to me as it is a virtual item but regardless there is nothing anyone can do.

SG has to recover the UK VAT as part of its posted price. In the U.S., state sales taxes are added by the billing agent (Apple Store, e.g.), and so are not shown as part of the posted price.

That said, it’s clear that SG has done some rounding and market-specific pricing.

(BTW, I changed the thread title to something more meaningful).

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I agree. Prices in all countries should be similar, difference is way to big. Americans have huge advantage. They can get 10000 diamonds + Epic troops 10 pull for same price what we pay for just 10000 diamonds. Increase price for Americans a little and decrease price for rhe rest of the world. Money the same and no more advantage for Americans.

Thanks everyone for your input and explanations. I don’t really get it as I trade IT software globally all the time, but there must be different taxation rules then…

B2B sales are usually taxed differently.

Unfortunately money is not all the same. Just take a look at the inflation happening in Venezuela right now.

Screenshot_20181030-095617 German phone for player account Turbo

Screenshot_20181030-095523 US phone for player account Turbo

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