Different prices for the same offers in different countries

Hello, please tell me why the offers in Europe are more expensive as for example in the USA. The € is stronger then the US Dollar. It makes no sence why people in USA pay for an offer 29.99 US Dollar and people in Europe for the same offer 32.99€.


European people have always been considered as better cash cow.


Hi @Makaveli,
I think this may have something to do with taxes and the like, which are much higher in Europe than in the United States. But this is just my assumption of an amateur. It would be interesting to read the expert’s answer here.


If I am not mistaken (I am speaking as a Yankee), US does not include sales tax in the listed price, sales taxes are charged in addition to the posted price unlike European countries who I believe include the sales tax as part of the listed price, so don’t worry, we in the US are not just paying the $29.99 price.


Well, some of us are…live in a sales tax free state! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have not read through the entire thread, but they seem related.


Your complaint is not new. And this is not Zynga’s fault. The fault lies with Apple. Google Play does not control the prices or the currency conversion rates.

Apple Store does. Apple uses their in-house currency conversion rates to convert Zynga’s USD pack pricing for each country that the game has access to globally. Apple does not review their rates “often enough” except in countries with currency devaluation (their response is very fast).

Zynga then has to revise their pack pricing for Android players (Google Play) so that all players pay the same price.

Guv’nor has explained this in great detail in that same forum thread. So blame Apple. Not Zynga.


In fact Apple only review exchange rates when it give it the opportunity to increase prices. Last year Apple increases prices from 1899MXN (1 USD = 19/20 MXN) to 2499MXN because exchange rate jump to 26MXN. But now that exchange rate is back to 20, the price has not been reversed by Apple.

don’t spend and don’t stress

I stop spending with the increase last year in september. I’m not disappointed any more by my summons :slight_smile: I’m not doing anymore :ok_hand:

For different countries different VAT

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