Different offers or just different prices for different players/countries?

Please tell what are your limited time offers and how much do they cost.
One player mentioned a 19.99 offer. I do not have such. What I have is called ‘Treasured Wisdom’ ( 2000 gems, gloves, orb, darts, etc. …) and it costs 24.85 USD (42.99 BGN).

The callendar offer is 2.60 USD (4.49 BGN) - 200 gems and trap tools

The prices typically aren’t exactly the same from country to country. Sometimes it’s an issue of VAT or other taxes that are added in. But it should be the same offer, despite the price difference.

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It’s quite a difference … so … I guess I just have to accept that the game will be much more expensive for me if I play from BG, notwithstanding the fact that in my country the average income is lower than in the USA or Western Europe … and that’s a fair play uh, DEVs?

btw. was that ever discussed with the devs? do they have an explanation , opinion?

It has nothing to do with the game itself. This is a play store or itunes store thing if it has to do with taxes. At least that is my understanding.


Today I changed my profile location in google pay
I saw a huge difference in prices between Saudi Arabia and Poland
10000 = 365 SAR while it’s 479.99 PLN!!!
the ratio of currency between the two coins is equal to ± 0.3
1 SAR = 0.97 PLN
Vat in Poland = 20% so if I want to see the with some calculations what’s going on I will find the following :
365*20% =73 => 365+73=438 PLN
so its about 40 pln difference
I see gems is over prices in Poland

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Nope it’s 23%.
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Sorry, you have right 23 so different became less :grimacing:

For Russians that would be like 200 pln I guess ? :wink:

I’m in Canada, and I notice that the offers converted to US dollars end up being a bit pricier for me than for my friends in the US. It’s not a huge difference, usually it ends up being 10 cents.

Damn I have been recalculating offer from Springvile for my Country and US and price difference is over the roof. My US friends pay 99,99$ for Springvile offer and we pay 129,99$ yes we have 25% VAT but that’s just rude SG. @Petri @KiraSG @Staff_SGG

I believe the tax is calculated in the respective store you use. I do not think it is a SG thing. Although I could be wrong.

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