Different loot idea for the regular quests - trainer heroes for loot

similar to the other easier quests, but instead of potions or arrows, have 1*, 2*, and 3* trainer feeder heroes as the listed loot for each of the 3 stages, plus the normal other items that drop on these things. Could even make them all the same color similar to the rare quests.

just a thought to add some variety. sorry if previously posted, don’t have time to search the whole forum and am not active enough here to see all new ideas!


Or have the quest itself be for trainers instead of food, iron, recruits, experience. Probably a little higher point cost, as some already are, but most people would like it. Play 3 or 4 screens instead of a couple dozen.

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A lot of the quests are useless to higher level players. I think dev should change the spawning of quest according to the players level.

For an example player from

level 10-20 should have tier 1 quests
Level 20-30 should have tier 2 quests
Level 30-and beyond should have tier 3 quests

Suggestions for Tier 3 quests should have

Recruit level 3
40 recruits + 1 2 star trainer
80 recruits + 3 star trainer
Epic hero token + 4 star trainer

Crafting level 3
12 crude iron 3 meteor fragments
3 star dust 3 oricalhcum
3 dragon skull 3 midnight roots

XP level 3
5k xp
8k xp
15k xp

I want to suggest adding as an additional reward instructors in class quests, in unusual quests and in the daily summon. There are so much new heroes in the game, which we are trying to get, and some of us are faced with the problem of heroes pumping. That would be a very nice bonus.

What would an instructor do for you? I don’t really get what you are saying

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I think they meant Trainer Heroes.


Ah ok, that wasn’t really clear to me. I think a trainer hero quest would be better. Having 4 stages and rewarding players with 4× 1*, 3×2*, 2× 3* and 1× 4* trainer for each stage


yes, it’s about that

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It’s very interesting idea

I think this would be an awesome new Quest too.

There’s an #ideas-feature-requests post for it that never gained much traction, but could be worth resurrecting to get some votes and comments:


@Kerridoc, can you merch the 2 topics together and see if we can bring this idea back to life?

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Good idea. Tagging @Rook and @Coppersky too. First to merge wins a :cookie:! :wink:

And leftover T-shirt @Petri Day :joy:

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Completely I support. Great idea. I hope developers will notice it and will take into consideration.

I’m posting this here since I dunno how to make my own thread on another subject…
Is all the loot from the uncommon quests the same for everyone? Say I complete the “more recruits II” quest and do not receive an epic troop token, can I tell my alliance members that it isn’t worth it this time around? Or do they have a chance to receive different loot like a troop token?

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It’s the same experience ham iron and recruits for everyone and if there is a token or not.

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