Different Defense formations with graphics

I think it has been talked about before, but without a doubt, the feature that would add the single most depth and increased strategy, hero diversity and challenge would be the option to add different defensive formations, both in wars and normal defense. There are so many heroes that are left out but that would have a perfect spot in new defensive formations, it would really, imo, take the game to new unprecedented heights.
Now to take one step farther, I have designed possible formations that would follow the basic rules of the current formations:

  • 7 tile corridors
  • 3 hero depth level possible
  • One hero who covers 3 corridors and 4 heroes who cover 2 each (if a formation would allow more then one hero to cover 3 corridors then it would become an unbalanced ghost tile stopper)
  • Each hero must have only 2 neighboring hero, to keep powers that affect ‘‘nearby heroes’’ balanced

So I have the inverted V:


The Double tank or ‘‘W’’


The Big back tank


The asymetrical gambit (lol)


The big front line with protected snipers


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