Different Defense formations with graphics

This is an awsome idea… its a fight game and would give raids (pvp battles) some real meaning , doesnt meter if ur strong/weak , implementing some strategy in wars/raids is amazing to prevent that everything become routine . Rly great idea :wink: Voted !


This is a great suggestion as it would most certainly bring some new strategy options like using 2 or 3 tanks.

Question though.

Do you think the formations should be displayed when opponents are chosen/displayed and when your chosing your attack team? Or not.


I love this idea. It would add so much depth and variety to the game. Making less used heroes viable. Entirely new strategies of attack and defense. I really hope the developers consider this idea.

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I believe i read this idea before somewhere but i can’t find the thread. mod can move this to existing one.

I’m an old player and recently feel so bored with current raid format which is in “V” shape (aka: 1 tank 2 flank 2 corner). Please SG make a variety of defense team shape, not only “V” format but can be “inverted V” (aka 2 corner front, 2 flank and 1 middle in the back) or “W” shape or “M” shape. This will give some refreshment and new strategy to the game that ignite spark for old players.

Current raid with V shape already obsolete and boring in my opinion


Here it is:


Merged. Thanks @jinbatsu for making the connection! :heart_decoration:


Suggestions of exactly this should possibly be merged into that one:

Would a merge treat votes cumulatively?

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Very cool idea to mix this up a little. I would even suggest 3 on 3. It’s friendly to beginners too because they may not have 5x 5* heroes but they might have 2 or 3. They could make the format rotate like in raid tournaments to keep it interesting.


This would add A LOT of options to the game.
In campaign mode sometimes enemies are in these formations.
Possibly have some formations unlocked only with certain heroes or items?
With the standard inverted V wedge across 7 columns and 3 rows, it leaves the tank exposed to 3 of 7 and the other 4 at one column each. Some of the shown formations, such as the C or inverted W, completely block access to some heroes, which may be a bit too powerful.
Other formations, such as the W, have the a hero that has more than two adjacent allies, which would make specials that affect target and nearest MUCH more powerful (also probably overpowered with the correct heroes).
Adding the inverted V would be a good option since it would not affect specials too much. Other select few, such as the W would be good if tied to specific heroes in certain positions as to not be abusable.

That would offer a tremendous variety of strategies to pvp and would probably add the most interesting feature ever suggested.

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I find it as a great idea! Very funny that would change the game a lot, maybe add so many types, but add 2 or 3 more possibilities … For some time I did not see an idea that I liked so much …

Snippet from thread that Olmor linked, TLDR it’s the same thing already posted about the weakness of the W formation hitting all opposing enemies.

Wouldn’t be much of a problem, since you can choose it or not. Inverted V would probably become the most chosen.

Formations wouldn’t force any rebalancing imo.

If you advance yourself by W to support everybody with e.g. Margret, your enemy will benefit from hitting all with e.g. Evelyn.

Imo this will balance itself, since each formation would give you advantages as well as disadvantages.

Same with tile damage, spread or focus, pros as well as cons.

It would be great to have different formations. Maybe to avoid the “target/caster and nearbies” becoming OP, the W/M-formation could have a space in the middle row so it would keep the maximum 2 neighbors, I guess.

Edit: instead of 0-3-2 for W-formation 3-0-2 or 1-2-2, for example:

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Your no dout correct and that would make it part of the challenge when choosing hero’s and formation. Having said that I wouldn’t go changing the current hero’s specials because of it as that would kill the varity if challenges. Leave the hero’s as they are and the new heros according to the format options. Just my opinion.

It woukd certainly completely change the way teams are put together without a dout at all BUT just imagine the new extremely enormous fun and challenges thus change would make niw only in raids but in AW’s.

If this was implemented I would really like to hope it done across the board and not just limited to a single event or area like raids, but should it be then so be it.

Should this excellent idea ever be considered by the devs it leaves it open for a couple of ( in my opinion) important questions though.

  1. should the chosen formation by the opponent be displayed when choosing your attack team.
  2. Should the attacking team be forced to use the same formation as the defense team or have an option to choose their own formation agsinst the defense team.

This idea would most certainly bring Empires & Puzzles to a whole new level for sure.

:+1::clap: and to the devs :pray: Please.


how about this one ‘T’

This is certainly an interesting one but will severely block mana gain but defended from normal attacks.
So in an attack team this could be nice to have a slow hero in the back.

Although for an attack formation i might want a “+”. Then I might finally have some purpose for Elena (center position) who is way too weak in defense to make use of her ability.

This doesn’t respect the rule of « only one hero can block 3 corridors » so it would be unbalanced

Was thinking more about this,
Since there are 7 columns and 3 rows, the classic V formation exposes the tank to 3 columns with the remaining 4 heroes each exposed to 1 column each, AND with each hero only touches two neighboring heroes, the only valid other layout is the INVERTED V.

The inverted V follows all the rules of the original layout (all heroes exposed to at least one column, and each hero has only two neighboring heroes) with the notable difference of instead of a ‘tank’ exposed to 3 columns, there are two front heroes each exposed to two columns, and the remaining three heroes exposed to one column each.

Since it follows all the same rules, it is already ‘balanced’ and yet it is different enough that it is a totally new stategy of two mini tanks or one main tank. It would be an excellent addition to the game! @EmpiresPuzzles, @Petri

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How about using the hero academy or maybe a structure you can build even earlier to allow you to change formations? That we we could have triplee tanks or a V shape protecting the sniper in the back? It would make more heroes sought after and introduce a fresh complexity to fights.

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